A Collector’s Edition with No Game Is this how it's going to be moving forward?

Red Dead Redemption announced several different editions today from the standard edition all the way to the collector’s box. Now most of us old school gamers understand that when you buy the most expensive version you are at the very least expecting everything the game has to offer. That seems to be changing as of late. With Red Dead Redemption 2 being the most recent to announce a collector’s edition that doesn’t come with the game, not even a digital version.


As you can see there are 2 other editions you can purchase that do in fact come with the game. If you notice the ultimate edition comes with pretty much everything but a few items from the collector’s box and is priced exactly the same. Both the Ultimate Edition and the Collector’s Box both price at $99.99. Now of course you might be asking yourself why would they sell a collector’s edition of a game without the game. I too often wondered that as more and more publishers seem to be going this route. Apparently the publishers have enough research to show that a collector’s edition without the game and a lower price allows for more customers to notice. Bear with me now as I try to make sense of this.

Normally a collector’s edition would be announced (including the game) and priced around $149.99-$199.99. Now this would limit those who purchase said collector’s edition to those that also wanted the game. Now if you take for instance Red Dead Redemption II’s collector edition, you will see that it’s priced at $99.99 which is a savings of $50.00-$100.00. This allows a customer maybe not fully sold on the game or is purchasing the game digitally to still buy the collector’s edition without the need to over spend and get a physical copy that they won’t need. It also allows those that want the physical copy of the game to be able to chose which copy you want, the special edition for $59.99 or the Ultimate Edition for $99.99 and pair it with the Collector’s Box and you have a complete package priced from $159.98-$199.98. Sure you have to make two purchases but you are still spending the same amount. Seems only a logical choice for more and more publishers to start handling their collector’s editions this way as more and more people are moving in to the digital marketplace. Just because someone like myself has moved in to purchasing all games digitally doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t also want to buy the items included in the collector’s editions that are announced. This way it is good for both types of consumers, the ones that purchase games physically and digitally.

What are your thoughts on the new way collector’s editions are being sold? Do you understand why they are doing it or do you see one without the game and ultimately choose not to purchase it for the sole reason it doesn’t include the game? Look forward to hearing your thoughts and reasons in the comments below. Make sure to follow or subscribe to My Planet PlayStation for all your PlayStation needs and news.


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2 thoughts on “A Collector’s Edition with No Game Is this how it's going to be moving forward?

  1. This is not a new thing at all…

    Battlefield 1
    Wolfenstein The New Order
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    Ark Survival
    State of Decay 2
    We Happy Few

    And now RDR2.

    1. Oh I know it’s not. However people were acting as if this was the end of the world on this game for some reason. I fully understand the reasons why and support it.

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