Detroit: Become Human Review Did you "Become Human"?

This game was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Pro.


Detroit: Become Human is an interactive adventure game that revolves around three androids. The androids were built to help with everyday life for humans. Some androids develop emotions and decide to rebel against their programming. These androids are known as deviants. The three androids the story revolves around are Kara, Connor, and Markus. Kara, who escapes her owner in order to protect a little girl and explore her newfound deviancy, Connor, who was created to hunt down deviants, and Markus, who once becoming a deviant, decides that his people need to be freed from servitude to the humans. During the game your choices you make for each of the androids will have lasting effects on the remainder of the game. You could end the game with one or all three dead or you could end the game with all or one of them alive. The choice will be yours to make.


The gameplay has significantly improved in this title compared to their previous entries. In this game you will performing QTEs and sometimes free running. Depending on the difficulty you chose at the beginning you will either be using the face buttons most of the time or you will be having a combination of face buttons, analog stick movements, and shoulder buttons. You will press L2 in order to highlight the surrounding areas and see what your current objective is. While doing this, any item of interest will be marked with a yellow marker above it. You don’t necessarily have to go to every yellow marker, as not each one is dependent on the progress of the game. After each level you will see a flowchart that shows the choices you made and will show you alternate paths that scene could have taken. This will allow for tons of replay value and coming up with multiple endings. This format is a significant improvement over their most recent entries Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. During the game you will switch control of each of the three main androids depending on your choices. This will happen after you reach the end of the scenario played and see your flowchart choices. Your next scenario could be with the same android or one of the other two. Most generally you will control a different android after each scenario. Depending on your choices, there could be scenes later that feature all three androids in the same scenario. If this happens there will moments in that scenario where you will toggle back and forth on which android you are in control of. The mechanic for this feels flawless and smooth. It is done in such a way that never really breaks immersion and allows for a focused run through the entire game.



As most anyone can clearly see the graphics are out of this world. With some amazing games coming out as of late that have some pretty real like graphics, Detroit doubles that every chance it can get. Of course these interactive adventure games are very linear and that allows the developer to really push the graphics to another level. The amount of detail in each character and setting can really make you question if you are playing an actual movie or if this is really just a game. It’s unreal at the level of detail Quantic Dream was able to produce on such a grand scale. Especially knowing the power limitations of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, it truly is amazing to see just what they were able to pull off. This is truly the most remarkable game to date graphics wise. There is no comparison here, Detroit has set the bar in terms of graphic fidelity from the interactive main menu all the way through to the very end of the game.


From the music playing within the game to the sounds of all the surrounding areas, Quantic Dream really nailed the atmosphere of a bustling city to one that is under siege. The sounds throughout the game fit to each scenario perfectly. They add to the immersion within the game and really add to the feeling that you are playing a movie not a game. The soundtrack they chose fit each character the songs were related to immensely. From the classical to the hard rock it definitely made you feel that you were right there in the scene and with the characters themselves.


In short, this game is remarkable in every way. It has its downfalls as well but they are easily overlooked for the sheer enjoyment that Detroit: Become Human is. Not to mention, knowing just how many times you can play through this game and come up with something different and equally enjoyable. This game has it all. If you are any type of fan of the interactive genre then this game is definitely for you. Not sure this game will sway newcomers to the genre but will definitely grab anyone that is remotely interested in it. Another must-have title in a long line of must have titles PlayStation has delivered this gen.

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Detroit: Become Human













  • Compelling Story
  • Superb Graphics
  • Excellent Gameplay for the genre
  • Great Soundtrack


  • Scenarios could be longer
  • Fullsize flowchart too small to read

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