7 Hidden Gems You May Have Overlooked On PS4

Ever since the PS4 released back in November 2013, we have been bombarded with amazing experiences year after year. It’s hard to keep track of all the amazing games coming out of all the various 3rd and 1st party studios these days and sometimes games will be overlooked. Well, today I’m here to shed light on some of these commonly overlooked games, and hopefully share with you all a few new games to add to your collections that you may not have known about. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


1. A Hat In Time


A Hat In Time is a lovely 3D platformer created by the talented folks at Gears For Breakfast, and is one of my personal favorite games from last year. The game oozes charm, has an amazing soundtrack, and controls are very tight. So much love was poured into this game and it really shows! It’s a joy to play through! If you like platforms in the vein of 3D Mario, or old school rare games, this is definitely worth your attention!

2. Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition


Old school RPGs are great. Getting to craft your character and go on an epic journey, making all the decisions along the way. Divinity Original Sin is that game, but made for the modern era. The depth and complexity of those old school RPGs is still there, but with the presentation and accessibility that modern consoles provide. It is a very good game that long time RPG fans and newcomers alike can appreciate! You can easily find the game on sale on the PlayStation Store, and with the sequel coming out on PS4 soon, now may just be the best time to give this game a shot.

3. Tokyo Xanadu eX+


Speaking of RPGs, it seems like we’ve been getting tons of really good JRPGs lately. Between Persona 5 and Nier Automata in 2017, and Kingdom Hearts 3 finally coming out sometime in 2018, there are no shortage of amazing JRPGs coming out these days. Tokyo Xanadu is no exception. Tokyo Xanadu is an RPG made by Japanese developer Falcom, mostly known for their Legend of Heroes and Ys franchises. Tokyo Xanadu ditches the fantasy settings of those games however, and places you straight into an alternate history version of modern-day Japan. Although the settings differ, the game retains Falcom’s signature style, great gameplay, engaging plot, and well written characters. It may have flown under a lot of people’s radar, but this is absolutely a game worth picking up!



ICEY is a beautiful 2D hack and slash game with a deep story and fun combat that landed on PlayStation in the middle of last year. The game makes you think about your actions and has a few 4th wall breaking elements to it that I won’t spoil here. It really is an interesting game, and one that I’m sure most of you will like if you give it a shot!

5. Grand Kingdom


Grand Kingdom is a tactical RPG that made its way to PS4 and PS Vita in 2016. The gameplay is as deep as you expect from a tactical RPG, and the world and art are colorful and vibrant. This really is one of the more unique tactic based RPGs that I’ve had the pleasure to play, and with this game having recently been included as part of the free games with PS+ a few months back, a lot of you may already have it! If you don’t have it already you can find it pretty cheap these days, but if you do already have it I absolutely recommend it!

6. Salt and Sanctuary


Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D action RPG that takes heavy inspiration from Dark Souls and Castlevania, to provide a unique take on that signature style of gameplay. It combines all the great things about those two styles of games, and adds its own flair to truly create something special. The hand drawn art really adds to the atmosphere of the game as well. This game is certainly worth picking up, even if you aren’t fans of the games it pulls inspiration from.

7. Psychonauts


Okay, I’m cheating a little bit with this last entry since it’s actually a PS2 game. However, it got a full rerelease on PS4 through the “PS2 on PS4” banner of games. Which means, trophy support, 1080p resolution, and most importantly, the ability to go into the PlayStation store, and buy this beautiful game on your PS4! This is absolutely the most widely known game on this list, but since it’s fairly old at this point, it’s not likely for many of you to have played it. A sequel is planned for 2019, so now is a good time to catch up on this amazing action platformer before the sequel comes out. It’s funny, charming, and most of all, it’s simply a blast to play. If you’ve never played this game before, or honestly, even if you have played this game before, I wholeheartedly recommend picking it up on PS4!

Well, that’s the whole list! I’m sure there are some fantastic games that I missed, so please, feel free to comment down below with any hidden gems you would like to share!


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