Day’s Gone Release Date Announced Another Day, Another Pre-E3 Announcement

PlayStation’s official YouTube channel announced the upcoming release date for Day’s Gone to be February 22nd 2019. This was welcome news since the game originally had a release year window of 2018, but was delayed a few months back to 2019.

The game is made by Sony’s in-house first party developer Bend Studio.

It is an action adventure title, and you play in 3rd person in a postapocalyptic open world set in the Pacific Northwest. This is also where Bend Studio is located.

Deacon St.John is the main protagonist, which once was in an outlaw motorcycle club called “the Mongrels”.

The game is said, by the developer, to have been inspired by shows like Son’s of Anarchy and The Walking Dead but also from other post apocalyptic movies and books.

One thing that will set this game apart from other open worlds is the focus on Deacon’s bike. That is your vehicle, if you leave it, it will not appear wherever you want and you can’t whistle after it like you can in other games. Vehicles in other games are disposable, this bike is not.

Stamina for Deacon is also something you have to take into consideration. Another thing that will make this game different from other “zombie games”, since the zombies in this game is called “freakers”, because they’re alive and have an ecosystem within and need just like humans. They have to eat, drink and can even be cannibalistic. They grow tougher by night-time, which also is a neat thing but other games have made this design choice before.

Slight RPG-elements with upgrades for both Deacon as well as for his bike which bodes for an interesting skill-tree system.

This is one of Playstation’s biggest games for early 2019, and Bend Studios biggest game by far. . Hopefully the newly announced release date of Feb 22nd 2019 will hold up for both the fans and the studio. The game is made for Playstation 4 and enhanced for the Playstation 4 Pro.

Bend Studio made Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Playstation Vita. And Syphon Filter for Playstation 1 and 2. Resistance Retribution for the Playstation Portable. This is their first game for a home console this generation.

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