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E3 2018 will soon be upon us, and with E3 comes speculations and rumors alike. We here at will bring some clarity in to the mist of rumors regarding the speculations and discussions about these games, which hopefully (for the unannounced games) will become a reality. Concrete Genie for example, has been shown already and we know about it’s existence, but it made the list because of it’s rumored release date.

According to the website an upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed game Bloodborne could be in the works for the Playstation console.

From Software developed the game which garnered a fair bit of success when it launched back in 2015, and fans have for years asked for a sequel. Could it be shown at this years E3? Bloodborne is an exclusive game made for Playstation 4 which heavily indicates a renewed trust from both the developer as well as the console manufacturer considering the financial success as well as the strides the game made with Playstation gamers all over the world.

Concrete Genie is a smaller game, which we’ve seen footage of last year at Paris Games Week 2017. It is rumored to have a release date somewhere during the summer of 2018 which shows us that this exclusive game may be within our reach in just a few weeks, according to

Richard Leadbetter at Eurogamer argues that Bluepoint Games is working on a new remake which will have greater ambition and breadth compared to their last release. The studio released the remake of the cult classic Shadow of the Colossus earlier this year, with fanfare, and made a decent splash on the market (73% higher sales compared to the PS2 original), which could correlate with Leadbetters argument regarding a bigger scope.

Medievil Remastered was shown at the Playstation Experience last December and is considered a classic Playstation game and it made it’s debut the year of 1998, on the original Playstation and will get a remaster just like Shadow of Colossus had. The original game was worked on by Cambridge Studio, but no information is available as of today so we do not know who is working on the remaster.

Shawn Layden, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, told that the game will be running in 4K resolution and the game made a big impact on him, professionally as well as personally. The game is rumored to be shown during E3 next week.

Could we see more of the classic games from the Playstation 1 and 2, perhaps even Playstation 3 era make it’s way to the current console? The first two consoles does not pose the same level of challenge compared to the PS3, since the latter was built with proprietary or in-house parts like the cell-processor. claims that the processor was, perhaps still is, considered to be advanced but hard for developers to work with, which makes the games from that generation harder to run on a completely different architecture.

But the games from PS1/PS2 could make it’s way to the Playstation 4, especially in the form of remakes or remasters which we’ve seen quite a few already (The Last of US remastered, God of War remastered, Uncharted Collection) and most of them was well received by the fans.

Ridge Racer is a classic game with lots of fan-hype and a historical meaning to the platform. But considering the behemoth Gran Turismo, another racing game is perhaps not what Playstation are going for.

Suikoden 2, or any of the Japanese classic titles could be in the works.

One can tell that the biggest game expo is well on it’s way, and we at will make sure you get the news first.


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