The Games to Rule Playstation

Ghost of Tsushima

The first game in series: the Games to Rule Playstation. One of four games Playstation will focus on at E3 2018.

3rd person action adventure game in an open world setting

The year is 1274, the place is feudal Japan. You’re a samurai called Jin, or “the Ghost”, your land has been invaded by an enemy force. The very first time your shores have seen unfriendly people from outside your proud nation of Japan. The island you live on is called Tsushima.

The Mongol army is coming, the mongol army is coming for you and for your loved ones. In the reveal trailer we see and hear the leader of this fierce and brutal enemy force, the mongol leader. He makes it clear that he is here to divide and conquer your island.

The Mongol army is considered to have been a power house, a super power of it’s time. The samurai’s are few in comparison, and the enemy force is not seeing a new enemy for the first time, the Mongols from the real world had a hundred thousand mounts and learned to ride them at a really young age.

This is a warrior army. And the game seems to have borrowed a lot from the real world example, it’s by no means a feudal Japan simulator, but it looks grounded enough to make it a fun game to play.

The studio in question is known to have extremely good and versatile traversal, inFamous:Second Son was a joy to play and wonderful to move around in their fictional Seattle.

The game is surely having a skill tree and a few RPG-elements added since the game’s protagonist is a samurai, which skills is needed to save the people of Tsushima.

Weapon, character and perhaps something magical in the skill tree since Japanese lore and history is filled with information and stories regarding the latter, could be expected? Considering that the studio has shown Jin riding on a horse, and talked about using horses in their development work, we could also see a horse-section for the skill tree.

Language spoken on the island is Japanese but I firmly believe the game will ship with English audio since we have only heard English, even if I, personally, would like a Japanese audio track since the game is taking place in feudal Japan. If we stay on the topic of sound, the soundtrack of the game can make or break immersion in some titles. Unfortunately the artist is not known as of this date. Will the game go for a big and majestic orchestra or a toned down and more artistic approach with fewer strings or perhaps something else entirely? We will keep you posted here at

So what can we realistically expect from this game? A game with lots of focus on sword play and movement, and an emphasis on the world and the character “Jin”, in relation to the antagonist “the Mongol Leader” which name or identity is still a bit of a mystery. Who is he, and why does he want to invade the island, we can probably expect some story twists and turns before we put down the controller and credits roll in the background.

So keep sharpening your blade, samurai. Grind your blade at the whetstone until perfect balance between steel and water is met, you’ll need it. This is war, and you samurai’s, are the only obstacle standing in the way of the Mongol army and the people of Tsushima.

The game aims, according to Nate Fox (Creative Director), for a sprawling and beautiful open world with bamboo forests, countryside, lakes and populated areas like villages or bigger metropolitan areas. Cranes and other animals have been seen in the reveal trailer and I hope we see the Ussuri Brown Bear, Koi fish  make an appearance, or the Snow Monkey.  Much is still yet to be discovered about the actual world of Tsushima and it’s inhabitants, and we hope to learn a great deal more during PlayStation’s E3 press conference next week.

Sucker Punch Productions is the developer who is working on this game, they have made the inFamous series as well as the Sly Cooper Collection in the past, and inFamous: Second Son is the latest full game release on Playstation 4 for the studio.





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