Ghost Giant for PSVR is Your Day 4 Announcement Day 4 and we got a little bit more

Today we got a look at the new PlayStation VR title Ghost Giant. The game will be brought to you by Zoink Games which is the studio behind the titles Fe and Flipping Death. It will release exclusively on PlayStation VR at an unannounced date.

The trailer starts off with a world very similar to the recent title Moss. In where you are the protector of a lonely little boy named Louis. You will appear as invisible to everyone but Louis and you will need to explore his world, helping him and the citizens of Sancourt along the way.

What we know so far is Ghost Giant is said to be a heartfelt puzzle game in VR. It’s about trying to keep life together with a little help from a big friend.

What do you think of this announcement? Do you see yourself picking this one up after release? I know I likely will as it looks like a really fun game to play in VR. As always stick with Planet PlayStation for all your PlayStation news and rumors and definitely for all your E3 information.

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