Spider-Man PS4: The Games to Rule Playstation Ready for some web slinging action

This is one of the four games Playstation will focus more on during their Playstation E3 Press Conference, and the second game in Myplanetplaystation.com series: The Games to Rule Playstation.

Spider-Man PS4

This IP is well-known over the whole world. Everybody has a connection in some way to Spider-Man, perhaps via comic books, the movies or the medium which we all love and use, video games.

Historically, Spider-Man has had games made in his honor before, and games spanning from Atari 2600 all the way up to the upcoming Playstation 4.

So we have a vast history to look at when we ponder if this game will live up to the better versions of the already released titles.

The game takes place in New York, and Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man is in his mid-twenties and very familiar with his skill set and gadgets, which is in contrast to many other games or movies we’ve seen before. So this is by no means an origin story, according to the developer Insomniac Games.

From the released gameplay footage we have seen the great city of New York, Spider-Man’s excellent traversal system which ranges from the standard swinging with his net-abilities, to what looks like an improved fighting mechanic and both of these will be upgradable via a skill tree system. Perch, swing, and ways to get boosts while running up a wall have all been shown to the gaming public already, which indicates there could be more things hidden down the line, before release.

The main enemy who we will be facing in this game is Martin Li a.k.a Mr. Negative. Corrupting power as the latter, while his other persona, Martin Li, can heal people from ailments, wounds and sickness.

Martin Li owns the soup kitchen where Peter Parker’s aunt May works, which will probably be where the life of Peter Parker and Martin Li will intertwine and we will most definitely see some story twists here. The Negative part in his name refers to the look of a photo negative but also refers to the energy power, according to Gizmodo.com. (https://io9.gizmodo.com/what-you-should-know-about-mr-negative-the-villain-of-1796051996)

We have also seen Kingpin/Wilson Fisk, and his gang which Mr. Negative decimated in the gameplay video but we have not seen any other enemies of that caliber.

This is an open world which means there will be crimes to solve, things to find and collect and so forth, and the creative director (Bryan Intihar) revealed that the fast travel, a staple in open world games is the New York subway.

Mary Jane, Peter Parker will both be playable in the game, and Intihar hinted at the Mary Jane part will be surprising for gamers.

We will also see another popular staple in the game, photo mode. Which means that you can freeze the action and create your own photo’s and if we go by what other games have done we can probably expect a similar level of quality to Insomniacs version of this mode. Be able to change saturation, brightness, focus and bokeh/depth of field, and a tonne of different pre-set filters. Only time will tell.

Other enemies haven’t been revealed, besides the ones already mentioned. Perhaps Venom could possibly make an appearance, or any other of the bigger or more known enemies.

I’m extremely excited for this game to release. And I have never read the comics, just seen the movies but Spider-Man was a part of my childhood in form of action figures, the movies and tv-shows.

The game is an action/adventure title, 3rd person, open world set in a fictional version of New York, and it is being developed by Insomniac Games for the Playstation 4 and enhanced for the Playstation 4 Pro. Spider-Man is set to release Friday September 7th 2018. The game is developed exclusively for Sony Interactive Entertainment.


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