Beat Saber is coming to PSVR Day 5 of PlayStation Pre-E3 Showing

Today marked the final day and the final reveal before PlayStation’s E3 2018 presser. It was said to be a highly anticipated game coming to PlayStation VR and they weren’t wrong. Beat Saber is the phenomenon that is taking over the internet one video at a time. It’s a mix between Guitar Hero and Fruit Ninja VR in what is a fast past timing game.

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game, where the goal is to slash the beats (which are presented as red or blue cubes) to keep the beat of the handcrafted music going. All the music is composed to fit the handcrafted levels. You’ll find yourself dancing along to the beat as you try your best to perfect every level. You’ll have to watch out for the many obstacles headed your way as you try to slash the red and blue cubes to make some sweet, sweet music. Each cut of the cube is strongly supported by great sound and visual effects to emphasize the rhythm.

Beat Saber is currently in development for PlayStation VR and will be released at an unknown date at this time. Will this be a title you are looking to pick up for a great party game? Do you enjoy the rhythm games like this and Guitar Hero? Stick with Planet PlayStation for your latest updates and news surrounding Beat Saber and other titles.

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