Perils of Baking Review Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate baker?

This product was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Pro, it is exclusive to this platform as of now.

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Perils of Baking is a 2D platformer inspired by those in the 8-16 bit era. It is about two brothers that were famous for their baking. The older brother allowed the fame to go to his head and they went their separate ways. The older brother found an artifact (a chef’s hat) that allowed him to bring his creations to life. With this new-found power the older brother was completely corrupted, or was he? As the younger brother it is your duty and yours alone to bring your brother back. You will make your way across four main worlds with 10 levels in each world. The 10th being the fight with your brother in each level. Yes, it does have that “your princess is in another castle” effect to it. Throughout the 40 main levels you will need to master driving a mine cart, flying a balloon, swimming, baking, reverse gravity and more.


As stated this is your basic platformer. You will use the left analog for the movement of your character left and right and the X button for jumping and square for throwing objects and holding it down for running. With that in mind you will make your way across multiple levels in a total of four worlds. You will start to notice that each world seems to have the same set up in which you will come across a water level, mine cart level, gravity level and a regular one in each of the four worlds for the most part. For that, I do with there was some more variety to the different levels. With that many levels there could have been a number of possibilities to explore but I feel that was not done well here. That being said, the levels are fun. They do bring a challenge with the different obstacles and enemies in your way. There is one save point per level and it is a popcorn machine. The good news is that if you die there are no set number of lives. You will either start back at the beginning of that level or at the popcorn checkpoint if you made it there. You can do this as many times as needed to finish the level. As you collect food throughout each level, every 50 pieces of food gives you another heart. Once you’ve obtained four hearts, your next one will be a chef’s hat. With that hat on you will be able to throw a spatula at your enemies making it easier to traverse through the level. However, you won’t want to go speeding through the levels with a hat on because on some areas you will need to jump on the head of an enemy or two in order to make it across. If you aren’t paying attention you will throw a spatula and hit an enemy which will force you to die due to not being able to cross anymore. I found this mechanic to be frustrating at first, wondering why they didn’t put the throwing mechanic and running one on different buttons. I eventually became used to this and found it to create a bit of a challenge to not only remember it but to kill the right enemies and save the ones I needed.


The graphics are pretty basic. Looks a lot like the older 16-bit games from back in my younger days. This was a perfect fit for the style of game they chose. The aesthetics really did fit the gameplay very nice.

The sounds of the game are what you would expect any side scrolling platformer to be. They really don’t stand out and they really don’t just disappear. They picked a good set of music to fill the background while you are playing to not get on your nerves and also make the game relaxing and fun to play. Throughout each level there will be four coins you will want to pick up. They spell the word BAKE and once you pick them up you get an automatic chef’s hat. When you are close to these coins you will hear a ding letting you know that one is close by. Some are hidden well and others are in plain sight so just because you hear that noise doesn’t always mean you will easily find the coin.


I really enjoyed my time with this game. I found the levels to be enjoyable and the challenges, when presented, to be overall well done. I would have liked to see more level design and uniqueness in each of the 40 levels but nonetheless it was a fun and enjoyable time. I also am taking in to consideration the pricing for the game when I play and review this. Though there are some things I’d like to see different, for the cost of the game I really cannot complain with what is available. Also for any trophy hunter out there, this is a quick platinum you can pick up for a cheap price.

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Perils of Baking











  • Fun levels
  • Nostalgia feeling
  • Great Sounds


  • Could have more variety per level
  • Could have made the boss fights more challenging

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