Shadow of the Tomb Raider Studio Head calls Last of Us II Animations Fake and Quickly Deletes Tweet Is there a feud brewing?

It would seem that the studio head of Eidos Montreal, David Anfossi had some strong reactions to the gameplay shown at PlayStation E3 2018 showcase for The Last of Us II. A tweet since deleted was in reply to Gregory Szriftgiser when he stated that Naughty Dog was the top of the animation game and action pacing. Mr. Anfossi replied with “and fake” (as seen in the screenshot below). This was made known by an Animator for the Last of Us II, Johnathan Cooper. He managed to grab a screenshot of the exchange before Mr. Anfossi deleted his tweet.

I don’t know what sparked this reaction from David Anfossi but it definitely caught the attention of Naughty Dog Animators. Obviously he knew better than to tweet that considering he deleted the tweet but it will be interesting to see if anything develops from this or if this is addressed by Naughty Dog or Eidos Montreal publicly.

What do you think of the tweet? Do you think it was made in poor taste or out of jealousy? Let me know in the comment section below and stick with Planet PlayStation for any developments in this story. Your entire E3 roundup for all games coming to PlayStation 4 is coming up so stay tuned for that also.

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