How to Game Share on your PlayStation 4 A what is and how to guide

What is GameSharing?

GameSharing is the process in which you and a friend or family member both have a PlayStation 4. Instead of each of you buying every game you guys want, you decide to combine your accounts. This results in you getting to play and have access to any of the games in your friends or family members library and they will have access to yours. This will also allow you to buy a game that maybe your friend don’t want to but you need a coop partner or an online buddy. Well, in this instance if you were gamesharing, you could buy the game and your friend/family member would also have access to it without having to purchase it. Giving you the coop partner or online buddy you were looking for without him/her having to spend money on it. This is one of the best features for gamesharing. Also, only one of you would need an active Plus account. Now the person without the Plus account would have access to all the features on Plus besides downloading the free monthly games. This would need to be done by the account holder of the Plus and that will allow the friend/family member to then have access to the free games. Below I am going to walk you step by step on how to set this up on your PlayStation 4. Also the different ways in which the games will need to be downloaded on both PS4s. If you have any questions after reading this please feel free to comment and I will answer any question you may have.

How to Set Up GameShare

This is going to be a step by step process on how to set up the GameShare on your PlayStation 4. After this I will detail how the library and downloading of games work for each account and the best way to download games using GameShare. With that said, let’s get in to GameShare.

1) Either have your friend/family member do this or if you have their detail you can do it. Select “New User” at the main menu. This will start the process of putting the account on your PS4.

2) Next, you will select “Create a User”

3) Now, you will choose “Accept”

4) Now either you or your friend/family member will sign in to YOUR PlayStation 4 using his/her account details.

5) Once signed in, you will want to select “Settings”

6) Then “Account Management”

7) Next, you will want to select “Activate as Your Primary PS4”

8) The final step will be to select “Activate”

After you have completed this on YOUR PlayStation 4, you will want to now sign in to YOUR account and follow these same steps on your friends/family members PlayStation 4. This will put your account on their PlayStation 4 as the Primary and their account on your PlayStation 4 as the Primary.

Downloading Games

There are several ways to purchase games and download them. You can do it from your system, the website, or the app on your phone. The app on your phone and the website have the same steps and is the easiest way to do GameShare so I will do those steps first. Buying games from your system however can still be used, it just requires more things to do. I will discuss those steps last and then you can pick which way works best for you and your GameShare partner. I will put a separation in between so you will be able to determine which process I’m talking about. So let’s begin.

Website Store

1) You will want to go to a PC and enter the store’s URL in the browser. For those that don’t know it, you can search for it on Google by typing “PlayStation Store“. This will pull the store up for your region whether you are in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia or wherever you are.

2) Next you are going to click sign in (note this is going to be YOUR account you are signing in to) and then sign in (again to YOUR account)

3) Once signed in, go ahead and either make your purchases or if you are just wanting to download a game to your friends/family member PS4 then you will want to click your PSN ID in the top right and then select “Download List”

4) Once you do that, you will be taken to a screen that lists every purchase you have made with your account. Since YOUR account is set as PRIMARY on your friends/family members PS4 when you click “Download to your PS4” it will actually download to your friends/family member.

5) To get the game to download on the PS4 YOU are USING, then you’ll simply scroll over to library (again this is going to be done on YOUR account)

6) Once in your library, go down to “Purchased” on the left hand side and then find the game(s) you want to download and download as normal.

PlayStation Phone App

1) Open your phone and select the PS App

2) Once the app opens, you’ll want to click the PS button in the bottom center of the screen.

3) Once you do that, a small blue area will pop up and you will press “PS Store”

4) Once the store is loaded, you will press the silhouette with a check mark in the upper right hand corner. If you haven’t signed in to the app already this is where you will sign in to your account and once signed in you will then press the silhouette with a check mark.

5) Now a side menu will pop out, you will now select “Download List”

6) Once the download list loads, you will scroll through the list of games until you find the game you want and then press “Download to your PS4” (Since YOUR account is marked PRIMARY on your Friend/Family Member PS4 this will prompt the game to download on their system. To get the game on your system follow steps 5 and 6 in the section above.

From your PlayStation 4

This is going to be where you and your friend/family member must be on trusting terms as you will need to click on THEIR account to sign in on YOUR PlayStation and they will have to click YOUR account on THEIR PlayStation to download games that each other has purchased.

1) You will now sign in to your FRIENDS/FAMILY MEMBER Account that is set to PRIMARY on YOUR PS4

2) Once you are in THEIR account you will scroll over to “Library”

3) Once in your friends library, you will scroll down to “Purchased” then select the game(s) you want to download

4) Once you’ve downloaded the game(s) you want then you will sign out of your friend’s account by holding the PS button and select “Power”

5) Then select “Log Out of PS4”

After all of this you will then go back to YOUR account and look in the “Downloads” section and see the game(s) you selected on your friend’s account downloading on yours. Also this is why I say this is the way that requires the most “trust” as you will be in each others account each time there is a purchase made or you want to download the random game. I prefer signing on to the store on the PC or using my Phone App to download games to my son’s PS4 so that way he doesn’t have to sign me out nor access my account. I can just scroll to the game he wants and press the “download to your PS4” option and it will prompt the download to start on HIS PS4. Of course this is entirely up to you and the person you are sharing with on how much you trust each other or if each of you have access to the web store or app on your phone.

PlayStation Plus

1) One quick note is that if either one of the accounts being shared has PS Plus active subscription then both users will be able to take advantage of that. For example, you have a 12 month PS Plus membership but your friend/family member does not. Once you put YOUR account as primary on HIS/HER PS4 then HE/SHE will have access to your PS Plus. This happens because ANY account on the PS4 that YOUR account is Primary on and has an active PS Plus Membership will have access to everything PS Plus has to offer BESIDES being able to download the free games each month. So that means since YOUR account is PRIMARY on your Friend/Family Member PS4, once HE/SHE signs in to THEIR account on THEIR PS4 they will be able to play online since YOUR account is PRIMARY and has an ACTIVE Plus subscription. Now what you will do is just sign in to YOUR PS4 using YOUR account and now you will be playing on YOUR account and have Plus for YOUR games. For the free games each month, you will need to do the steps listed above for those games. So if you use web/app you would go to the Plus section and click “purchase” for the free games and then go to download list and press the “download to your PS4” option which will start the download of those games to your friend/family member PS4. To get the games on YOUR PS4, you would just need to sign in to your account on YOUR PS4 and go to Library and then Purchased or PlayStation Plus and download those games.

I hope this helps answer any questions you may have regarding this process. It’s a pretty lengthy guide but I wanted to make sure I covered each way you could do the games. My advice is talk with your GameShare buddy and find out which way works best for the both of you and pick that path. It will be vital that each of you discuss the options and work out a situation that is going to benefit each of you so there will be no hard feelings or misuse of the accounts. If there are any unanswered questions or you need more clarification on any of the steps listed, please feel free to comment on this article or reach me on Twitter. I will be more than happy to help you through whatever problems you may be having.


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