PS Now: Download Games feature?

PS Now and the rumored download games feature surfaced last week and it has been reported by several outlets to get a release date later this year, and late September is mentioned by an “industry insider” according to Wccftech.

This feature is key for Playstation Now, since today’s implementation with streaming,  is surrounded with negative mind share about input lag, and an overall hard time with fast paced games.


It is clear to see the available option to “Download Game”, and it would be logical to assume PS4 games as the only games to download. Since PS3 ran on a completely different architecture (Cell processor) native games must be emulated or streamed to work properly. PS4 games, was mentioned in the linked article and it would be likely since there exists hardware issues for Playstation.

PS Now is a streaming service and was introduced to the world by Playstation over four years ago at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The service would be on several platforms in it’s infancy, PS3, PSTV, TV:s and PC among others. This expansion was later discontinued by Sony and took place during several stages and last year marked PS4 and PC as the only places to use the service.

600 games to play for $20/month or $44.99/3 months, and if the price is fair or not, is left for the consumer to decide even if I would not mind a fusion between PS Plus and PS Now since many people already subscribe to the former.

There is only one price in EU, and many countries (like Sweden/Scandinavia) does not even have PS Now yet. The price for the countries that do have PS Now is: €14.99/month.

Fighting games, racing or other fast twitch reflex based games would work so much better with a download option, and with the oncoming PS5 train, playing native PS4 games on PS5 hardware would solve the issue with launch titles for Playstation as well as manufacturing costs (discs/boxes) would be alleviated. September is just three months out so we should start hearing from Sony/Playstation if this rumor is true. There have been too many incidents and small tidbits for it not to be true, in some form or fashion.

Everything you need to know about PS Now, or the features Playstation is providing will be covered by

PS Now offers +600 games for $20/month or $44.99/3 months (US), and $14.99/month for the participating countries in the EU.




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