Tetra’s Escape Review A new take on a favorite genre

This product was reviewed on a PS4 Pro. It is also available on PlayStation Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


Tetra’s Escape is a platformer with a twist from a special game everyone knows. You play as “Tetras” and in order to make your way through the levels you will have to transform certain Tetras in to different shapes to allow at least one of the remaining Tetras to make it to the end of the level. Now as you start transforming shapes you’ll notice a familiarity with these shapes from the game we have all grown to love over the years, Tetris. When you transform you are taking the Tetra and transforming in to what is known as a Tetrimino. This will allow you to fill gaps and holes so that you can clear each level.


The gameplay is what you would expect from a typical platformer. Aside from a few things it will be your basic platforming game. Some of the differences is that you can only jump when in front of a platform you can land on. If you try to jump at any other time, your Tetra will shake its head no at you. I thought this to be a very clever and helpful notification that what I was trying to do just wasn’t going to work. Of course, like discussed earlier the other element is changing in to Tetriminos in effort to fill gaps and holes to reach the end. What you will notice is some Tetras can change in to multiple different shapes while some are limited to a singular shape. As you progress you will be able to press a button and change the direction your Tetrimino will go allowing for multiple creative options to get to the end of the level. On each level there are three stars. If you get those three stars before clearing the level a trophy will pop up for you to go back and get as well. You will want to try to plan out your route to the end as best as possible to not only get the stars but to have the positions accurate where you will be able to reach the trophy as well.


The graphics to the game as you can see are very minimal. That is something that is actually refreshing in this case. Instead of putting more money towards making the platformer look more real, the developer took the time to have them look as good as needed while simultaneously focusing on matching that thought process on literally every other facet of the game. This game is a ton of fun and a block style graphic is in no way going to hinder this game. As I said, I felt that it only strengthened the game overall.

The sounds of the game are very melodic and easy to listen to. They aren’t the types of some games that will over power your headset or TV speakers. In that same sense they also aren’t so quiet that you have to keep checking the game has sound at all. Just simply another facet to this game that was approached with care and intricacy in order to get the perfect blend for the game type.


This game is highly recommended for anyone that would like a break from the overblown budget, crappy story, mediocre gameplay that AAA seems to have been giving you. This game is not only very cheap but it’s also cross buy with the PlayStation Vita and with separate trophy lists. This means with only a small purchase price you will get two copies of the game. One to play while you are at home wanting to unwind and one to take with you on the go to fill that monotonous ride to work, school or that dreaded shopping trip with the Misses. Anytime I see Ratalaika Games attached to a project, I instantly want to try it and am always on the lookout for the release date. They really have been putting out some excellent work.

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Tetra's Escape











  • A great addition to the platformer genre
  • The attention to the small details
  • The ability of making you think without frustration
  • The sheer amount of fun and lost time


  • Could be longer

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