My Planet PlayStation Is Looking For Staff Seeking contributers of all types

Are you a gamer? A PlayStation fan? Do you like the site, and want to help out in some way? We, at MyPlanetPS, are looking for people to contribute in any way. Whether you want to write articles, make custom images, or even help manage our social media pages, MyPlanetPS has something for you.

Please note that any positions are volunteer only. However, if you decide to write reviews, it can be a chance for you to play some games, for free!

Authors: We are looking for people who can produce content on a somewhat regular basis. This includes anything and everything; from news, to opinion pieces, to reviews.

Photo Specialist/Graphic Artist: Want to help out by providing us with custom images for the site, signatures, banners, or background pictures? You’re welcome here as well.

Social Media Managers: We need people who can provide a hand with our various social media pages. This includes sometimes responding to messages, or sharing our posts in groups or forums. This will help us expand our viewer base exponentially.

More details will be provided upon contact. Taking on any of these positions will place you in a trial position on the site. After a short period, if we are pleased with the work you do, you will be made a full fledged member of MyPlanetPS.

So there you have it. If you wish to join our crew at My Planet PlayStation and help us out, drop us a line on social media!

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