Aspyr Media’s “Torn” on PlayStation VR next week

Next week, PlayStation VR gets yet another dark addition to it’s vast library, with Torn.

Torn is a dark science-fiction mystery.

Deep in a forgotten forest, video blogger Katherine Patterson discovers an abandoned mansion, filled with strange machines and disturbing experiments. This is the home of Dr. Lawrence Talbot, who was reported missing more than 64 years ago. Patterson realizes this could be worth millions, the story of her career. But when she meets Dr. Talbot in person — alive, trapped in a strange new dimension, and missing his body — Patterson realizes she was wrong. This is the story of a lifetime.

Torn opens as a narrative puzzle game, then evolves into a dark, character-driven story as you slowly uncover the truth about Talbot, and the new dimension he calls “The Parallel.” Remember everything you see, for in Talbot’s world, truth is nothing more than the invention of the mind.

Two PlayStation Move controllers are required to play Torn. You can pre-order Torn on the PS Store now, at a discount of 15%(20% for PS Plus Subscribers). Torn launches on August 28th, and will also be available on SteamVR and Oculus Rift.

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