Narcosis gets a physical release via Limited Run Games

Honor Code, Inc., and Limited Run Games have partnered for a physical release of Narcosis. Narcosis is a narrative based first person horror game, set in an underwater mining station.

Limited Run Games is a publisher, specializing in releasing PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita games that were previously only available in digital format to a physical medium. As their name implies, the physical copies are numbered and stamped with a Limited Run seal, and once they’re sold out, they’re never produced again.

The standard physical release of Narcosis costs $29.99.

In addition, Limited Run Games is also releasing a Collector’s Edition of Narcosis for $64.99, that includes:

  • A thick paperback novel
  • An 18 x 24 inch reversible poster
  • Five lithograph art prints
  • Physical soundtrack CD

These limited physical release games are available now at Limited Run Games. Get yours while you still can!


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