Raylight Games unveils development for “The Awakened”

Raylight Games is proud to unveil the development of The Awakened, a thriller with horror traits set in the Victorian era.

The game sees the player into Robert Royce’s shoes, a former detective fallen in disgrace investigating the murderer of his friend.

During his investigation Robert will discover more about an evil cult and how much he is involved into their mysterious affairs to control London and the world.

  • Explore the eerie Victorian London
  • Investigate murders with the aid of Robert’s powers
  • Live a harrowing and compelling story
  • Interact with unique characters
  • Fight an evil organization, and creatures spawned from madness

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, the game has been already included in the Oculus Start Program and received GPP (Global Product Proposal) approval from Sony for development on PlayStation platforms.

At the moment the game is in development for PC, Oculus Rift, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

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