Controller-free VR adventure Arca’s Path release date announced

Arca’s Path VR, the innovative new game where you use your gaze to navigate a mysterious world, now has a release date for all major VR platforms.

Today’s brand new trailer sheds more light on what to expect from the game. In Arca’s Path VR, you don’t need a controller to play. To navigate the world and its rich labyrinth of puzzles and challenges, you simply look towards where you want to go, and your digital avatar will roll in that direction.

Arca’s Path VR is being developed by Dream Reality Interactive, a London-based studio with a pedigree in creating immersive VR and AR experiences including PlayStation VR Worlds, PlayStation VR’s biggest-selling title, and the critically acclaimed AR interactive book series Wonderbook.

“The team have worked together to build this simple, accessible game mechanic,” said Dr Dave Ranyard, CEO of developer Dream Reality Interactive. “We wanted to make something that was just really engaging, that everybody could play.”

In Arca’s Path you play as a young girl who finds herself in a beguiling, beautiful new world. But as you wander further down the path, the beauty around you begins to crumble and the road ahead becomes more treacherous. Skill, instinct and awareness will help you navigate the path and find your way back home.

Arca’s Path VR will be playable at EGX 2018, starting today and running through to Sunday, September 23rd. Play the same demo that the Telegraph called “an oasis of calm” and UploadVR described as “one of the most comfortable and relaxing experiences I’ve ever tried in a VR headset.” Head over to the Rezzed area to try the game and meet the development team.

Dream Reality Interactive are also hosting a panel on VR in 2018 at EGX this afternoon. The panel featuring Head of Art Laura Dodd, Head of Production Sitara Shefta and Creative Lead Albert Bentall begins at 2pm BST and will be streamed live on the EGX Twitch channel.

Arca’s Path will be available on all VR platforms on December 4th.

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