FullBlast Review Are you ready for a nostalgic trip?


FullBlast is a vertical scrolling shooter that will be sure to hit you in the nostalgia feels as you play through its 12 levels of single or coop action. The game is reminiscent to the arcade shooters of the 80’s and 90’s. The game supports a heavy metal soundtrack that will keep you pumped up as you shmup your way through multiple levels with 4 mini bosses and 3 mega bosses.


The gameplay is a nostalgic feeling of being in the arcades playing the likes of 1942 and company. It will take you back and make you lose track of time as you did when you were younger. Its simple controls allow anyone to simply pick this game up and with 3 difficulty levels it allows you to customize your experience with your expertise. You can choose to play by yourself or with someone else via couch coop, which sadly is a sort of mechanic we are missing these days. As you shoot your enemies you will be presented with pick ups that will either offer you a power up and give you a big advantage or a power down so you will definitely need to be mindful of which pick up you go after.

Graphics and Sound

The game is presented top down with beautiful 3D graphics and with multiple style of enemies it allows for great variation. The game is 12 levels long and presents new and exciting rendered enemies along your path.

The sounds of the game are really where it’s at, the game has a heavy metal soundtrack as described before. With this music playing you will find yourself becoming more and more energized to continue playing. You might also end up as I did and have some serious tunnel vision as you go through each level.


This is definitely a title you will want to pick up and add to your library and maybe multiple times across different regions as well. Each region has stackable trophies for PS4 and Vita which allows for a total of 4 (currently, as the Asian version is due out October 5th) trophy stacks and that’s right, 4 platinums. The game is very reasonably priced for what it is and it will definitely give the old timers like me that nostalgic feeling while giving new comers a taste of one of the best genres growing up.

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  • Great Vertical Scrolling Shmup
  • Nostalgia at its finest
  • Perfect music for this genre


  • Could be longer

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