VR MOBA Dark Eclipse launches today

Dark Eclipse, the first ever MOBA for PlayStation®VR, is now available globally. This free-to-play game is playable with either DUALSHOCK®4 or PlayStation®Move controllers.

Dark Eclipse is a passion project from Japanese developer and publisher SUNSOFT as the company celebrates its 40-year anniversary, a rare milestone in the videogame industry. The title marks the company’s re-emergence into Western markets as the company brings MOBA mechanics to VR for the first time.

  • Free to Play, competitive online MOBA in VR
  • Blends elements of MOBAs and RTS games
  • Matches last anywhere between 10-30 minutes
  • Easy to learn control scheme mastered for VR that allows players to drag and drop characters anywhere on the playing field for in depth and moment to moment strategizing
  • Engage in a draft phase to pick a team of three “Leaders” from a roster of 15 characters including human “Heroes” and hellish creatures called “Dominators”
  • Expanded MOBA tower management with five different types of Towers each with different buffs, abilities and attacks
  • Multiple game modes, including solo play against computers, as well as player versus player matchups, either casual or competitive ranked mode
  • Playable with either one DUALSHOCK®4 or the PlayStation Move controllers

Dark Eclipse is available now on the PlayStation Store.

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