Jack N’ Jill DX Review Will Jack fall down and break his crown?

This game was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Slim, it is also available on PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. 


Jack N’ Jill DX is a classic platformer with a little twist. You play as Jack and you goal is to find Jill at pretty much all costs. Traversing through sharp objects, bouncing high in to the air, all in the name of finding Jill. It seems after the 140 levels this game has and numerous mini games that Jill would quit running away or Jack would just grow tired of ever saving Jill again. It seems that’s not likely as Jack is head over hills for Jill.


This is your ordinary platformer but with a small twist. Instead of jumping whenever you want or running whatever direction you chose, this game adds in the feature of when to allow that to happen. It also forces Jack in a single direction constantly with the press of a single button. If you miss some coins and would like to go get them, you will have to bounce off a wall or object sending Jack barreling in the opposite direction. Be careful though as going in reverse could lend itself to be more difficult to avoid the obstacles and enemies on the level. You will be going through 140 levels and if you get tired in between or want more of the game after you’ve completed it, it also features several different mini games to play with a chance of adding new features on Jack or Jill with the purchase using in-game tickets, earned during mini game play.


The graphics to this game are very minimalistic. However, that to me is what brings it its charm. I found myself smiling as I was playing as Jack, going through level after level and trying to avoid all the obstacles the developer has inserted in to each level. To me that speaks highly of the graphics, when something so minimal can still bring a smile to my face and fun to playing the game.

The sounds are rather soft and could be a little better overall. As I am not one for overbearing noise coming from my game, I enjoyed the softer sounds. I do know that, among gamers that is a contention that is heavily debated on gameplay soundtracks across all genres. This is where I feel they could have done a little more with this unique title in order to get the uniqueness across not only in gameplay but also in the sounds emitted while playing.


Overall, this game is to me a treasure to play and own. I would suggest to any of my friends or people reading this to go out and purchase this game. Definitely some fun to be had. If you are a trophy hunter this game is a no brainer for you, it boasts 6 unique trophy lists spanning across 3 regions and 2 platforms. You will have separate lists for PS4 and PSV along with separate lists for NA, EU and Asia. However, even if trophies isn’t your thing, this game sure will be. I can’t speak enough how much these developers do with sometimes what seems a minimalist style of game. It’s honestly astonishing to see how much fun you can have with a title such as this.

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Jack N' Jill DX











  • Fun and Unique
  • New twist to an old genre
  • Great Concept with Jack N Jill


  • Could have been better soundtrack

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