Alteric Review Are you ready for the challenge?

A code was provided by Sometimes You in order for review purposes. This game was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Pro but also available on PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.


Alteric is a 2D platformer game with two interconnected parallel worlds. It has a variety of obstacles and boss battles in a very atmospheric setting. The developer Goonswarm really wanted to take an already known indie game “Thomas was Alone” and really combine that game with Dark Souls. YES, we are all tired of the dark souls reference when talking about any game other than Dark Souls. However, a more fitting combination would be Thomas was Alone meets a kick your ass gameplay.


There really isn’t much in the way of a story as in the normal sense of the word. However, the implied story is what they went for with this title. They really went with the feeling of being all alone while trying to escape impending doom. This is the story of a man who has died and now his soul, a single beacon of light energy, is trapped in the alien space between two worlds.


The developer seemed to have really gone for the punish yourself gameplay technique. As you traverse across the different levels and face off with the dangerous boss fights you will find that the levels progressively get more difficult. To the point in which you will feel that there is no way to complete the level and therefore the game. However, just as the developer said with the difficulty level (Dark Souls), you just need to take the time with each level, paying attention to the many different obstacles and how and when they come on to master the level and move on to the next. They really have made the feeling of doom and gloom with this title and the feeling of anxiety rises when you see the level disappearing from behind you all the while trying to focus on the upcoming obstacles and making it to the end. The game uses your very basic mechanics of a 2D platformer to perfection with their tougher than nails gameplay.


The game has some very minimalistic graphics with bright colors. The game uses this to its advantage in creating the obstacles you will come across while moving through the level. They also utilize this same feature to create a second and often more dangerous obstacle that trails behind you and forces your hand in not allowing you to just take your time to beat the level. It’s really done well and fits this type of game perfectly.

The sounds the game has is what can really set the mood for each level and cause the player to make mistake after mistake. The sounds of the game will build anxiety in the player as they make their way through the levels, already pressed for time with the screen coming at the player from behind. I found myself messing up so many times through these levels while trying to block out the sounds in order to focus on the many obstacles each level introduces. It was very hard to do as the sounds really feel like they take a life of their own and add as another form of difficulty to the game.


I definitely want to say this is a game to pick up for anyone looking for a challenge. You won’t be disappointed in that aspect at all. Something I always take in to consideration with most of these types of games is the pricing. The price is perfect for the title and you will definitely get your money’s worth. For any of the trophy hunters looking for another platinum to go after, this is your game. This game comes with 4 stackable platinums with the PS4/Vita versions having separate lists from each other along with the NA and EU versions of the game. The game isn’t cross-buy but is cheap enough that you won’t feel like you’ve spent too much obtaining all the platinums.

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  • Fun and Unique
  • Difficult in the right ways
  • Interesting combination of gameplay
  • Utilizes is basic look very well


  • Some levels could have less dark souls difficulty

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