One Eyed Kutkh Review A game that tells the story through the action

This games was provided by Sometimes You for review purposes. This game was reviewed on a PS4 Pro and is also available on PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One


On the overview I normally write my own thoughts about what the game is about. However, I really feel the developer sums this up perfectly on their press release for this and it goes as follows:

“One Eye Kutkh is an experimental project, something in between video game, theatrical performance and an animated film. But most importantly, One-Eye Kutkh is a unique world filled with the atmosphere of the Northern myths. The challenge of the game lies not within obstacles that prevent the player from moving forward, but within the possibility to see the world through the eyes of his heroes.”

I really like how they summed the game up and I felt it fit perfectly.


The story is a silent one but one that seems to have a profound one. As you make your way through this admittedly short game you will find that the game isn’t really trying to tell you something but rather trying to teach you something. This story really wants you to focus not only ON your character but THROUGH your character and see how the world reacts around him. You crash-land on a mysterious planet and you will have to make your way to the ninth heaven and deceive the sun and moon in an effort to steal their space boats so you can fix your ship and be on your way again. You will encounter different characters along your journey through the world that is filled with fiction and a mix of fairy tales from the Far North. You will explore the World Tree as the game tells you the story not through words but through its action.


The graphics are very appealing to any age range from child to elder. They are soft and vibrant colors that will be sure to grasp the attention of even the youngest of players. The game was built for just that, to be simplistic in nature both in story telling and graphics shown. The game does what it set out to do from the beginning.

The sounds of One Eyed Kutkh are soft and engaging with the audience in which is playing it. They fit the task you are completing very well and are not overwhelming in consideration to the hand drawn look to the graphics. The sounds just fit well with how the developer made the game.


The game is relatively a shorter game and for the money it costs in comparison to others in the same price range might not seem worth it. I would recommend waiting on a sale for this title in either the NA or EU PlayStation stores. I’m sure this is a game that will frequent the sale pages for a while. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad game by any means at all. It is exactly what the developer says it is and it does a good job at being inviting to players of all ages. However, with the very short length of the game the pricing just seems too high for it. The game does however have 4 stackable trophy lists for the PS4/Vita and between the NA and EU stores. Just would definitely wait for a sale to pick it up due to being able to 100% the trophy list in only around 10 minutes. This seems to be a safe game for you to allow your child to play and not have to worry about him/her being exposed to anything inappropriate.

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One Eyed Kutkh











  • Open to multiple ages
  • Colorful and fun graphics


  • very short
  • feels overpriced

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