Spiral Splatter Review Do you have the hand-eye coordination needed?

A code was provided by Sometimes You for review purposes. This game was reviewed on a PS4 Pro and is also available on PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC, iPhone/iPad, and Xbox One.


Spiral Splatter is a mind bending arcade puzzle game that will push your hand-eye coordination to its breaking point. The game has 100 brain boggling puzzles that will put your problem solving skills to the ultimate test. You will have to think fast and hustle your way to the end of each level to finish before your time is up.


The gameplay is simple. Utilize your hand eye coordination and problem solving skills to the fullest. You will be challenged in ways you never thought of before in this arcade puzzle game. There are 11 levels and 100 puzzles you will be playing and each one progressively harder than the one before. By the end of the game your hands, fingers and brain will be completely worn out and looking for a moment of silence to reflect on what you have accomplished. The difficulty in the gameplay is done right in the sense that the one man development team did not add difficulty in the game artificially but otherwise the difficulty progression feels natural. This is a rarity among puzzle games as most I’ve played seem to fail in new and creative levels and instead create artificial difficulty by replaying a lot of the same levels. This is simply NOT the case for Spiral Splatter. The developer Neonchimp Games really took the time to create 100 unique puzzles and progressive challenges for the player.


As you can see through the trailer and pictures provided the graphics are very simple. There is no need to have anything more than that. But don’t let the simple graphics fool you as the game is very challenging. You will notice each level and each puzzle is uniquely designed and by the end of the game you will definitely appreciate what the developer was able to accomplish on his own.

The sounds of the game are nerve wrecking. There is a buzzer and rumble feature that happens when your ball touches the sides of the puzzle much life the board game Operation. Except, I found this game to have taken that approach and turned the dial up to 100 with the anxiety it causes.


This game is definitely one for the puzzle lovers. It’s really hard to find puzzle games where the developer for whatever reason didn’t get lazy and just reuse existing puzzles and just add more difficulty to them. What surprised me most about this title and that each level being unique and having a natural difficulty is that is was all created by a one man team. That is mind-blowing to me that this one man was able to take the time willingly to come up with not 25, not 75 but 100 unique levels and found a way to make the difficulty progression feel natural. For that and the price of this game it is almost impossible not to recommend this game to everyone. Also, something extra for the trophy hunting community is that this game has a total of 4 stackable platinum trophies with the PS4/Vita versions having separate lists along with separate lists for the NA and EU versions of the game as well. So with that being said, this game literally is right for just about anyone out there.

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Spiral Splatter











  • Excellent gameplay
  • Superb Sounds
  • Excellent level design
  • Priced Perfect


  • no option for D-Pad use

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