Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition Review

A brutal parody of American Football
This game was reviewed on a PS4, it is also available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. A retail copy was provided for review purposes only.


Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition is absolutely the most brutal and downright violent parody of American Football games like Madden NFL and NFL 2K. With that being said there is little to nothing more than violence and football to get the crowd going and this game has them both in full force. Obviously the game closest to this from long ago would be the NFL Blitz franchise. Now turn that up to 15 and you have yourself MFL Dynasty Edition. Instead of controlling licensed players as in the previously mentioned games, you are in control of mutants who happen to play football and have some very unique but appropriate names.


The gameplay is about as arcadey as it gets and that is exactly what it intends to be. Long ago are the days where we can truly enjoy a relaxing arcade style football game. Far too many times football games tried to emulate the ever popular franchise of Madden and put their own twist on it and the one thing that always remained consistent among them was the gameplay was not arcade style. In comes MFL Dynasty Edition. From the control schemes to the play making all the way to the overall look of the game, you will get a sense of its arcade roots. This is something long overdue in sports games and especially football games. Since the likes of NFL Blitz, I cannot remember a football game with unadulterated violence and free for all gameplay and an overwhelmingly fun atmosphere until now. This game is sure to set the fans ablaze.  


Here is where the “Dynasty Edition” comes in to play. There are several different modes of play you can choose from, Play Now, Online GameTeam Scouting, and of course Dynasty Mode. In dynasty mode is where you will get to pick your team and work them up through rankings within MFL to compete for the championship at the end of the season. There will be options where you can choose the length of the game, if you want the clock to run out fast or normal, and the difficulty of your opponent. Make sure you choose your settings wisely as you will not be able to change them once your dynasty mode starts. The difficulty rating goes from Newbi all the way to All Star Masochist. Also for those faint of the site of violence, there is a setting to turn the Karnage off or jack it all the way up to Massacre level of brutality. Pretty much, this game has covered all the basis for newly incoming players and top-notch professionals. They even were considerate to those who might feel a little weak at the site of blood and allowed you to turn that setting off. You will also be able to select just “game modes” where you will be able to attend training camp to help get your skills up to par, you can practice a game, choose to play a season or go straight in to the playoffs. Along with these game modes you will find that most of the controls feel similar to simulation style football games as far as the control schemes but there isn’t that feeling of your play being fully dependent on getting that kick, throw, or run just right. With the arcade style game play, it lets you sit back and relax while playing through the brutal season where your players will get injured or even killed. The game also allows for a little extracurricular activity after the play is over. Each player has a health bar and getting tackled, slammed, punched, stabbed will all bring the player’s health down. Once your player loses their health bar he is listed as dead on the injury report.  


The announcers of the game, fully make the experience far more enjoyable. From their quirky one liners all the way to the sailor like tongue you are almost guaranteed to have a laugh at a players expense even if he is your own. As far as the sounds of the game you will notice the ever popular sounds of the gridiron mixed with different moves and plays you can choose from. You have your traditional plays and then you have the “crazy” play calls from your dirty trick playbook. You can choose to bribe the ref, attack the ref, ginormous, or shotgun among many other team dependant choices. Each one of these choices will have some very unique sounds to them from carrying a shotgun down the field with you all the way to putting the opposing team under what appears to be a strong drug trip. All this adds to the overall arcade feel to the game and the overall brutalized style. After all its MUTANTS playing football. Who would ever think they would be a civilized bunch.  


Overall I feel this is a genre that I thought would never be brought back, but I so glad it did. This game will provide endless hours of entertainment as you challenge yourself to the different fields with obstacles like razor blades on the 40 yard line to holes in the field filled with fire. There seems to be something new to every stadium, every team and every mode. It is definitely something that any fan of the NFL Blitz games should pick up and is super friendly to any newcomer to the genre. It is definitely one that I will keep playing for quite some time to come both online and off.Follow Us On Social Media

Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition











  • Perfect for anyone looking for some brutal fun
  • Perfect fit for the Arcade style gameplay
  • Comedic gold for commentary
  • several options to choose from


  • would love to have had up close replay to really see the brutality
  • Announcers could have a more diverse dialogue

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