Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast Review

This product was reviewed on a PS4, it is also available on Nintendo Switch, iPhone/iPad, PC, and Xbox One. A code was provided for review purposes.


From the makers of Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator comes a chance to have at it with some notable figures of Hollywood. From Marylin Nomore, Dirty Potter, The Greasy Wizard to Wisecrack and Chop Sue E. Your job will be to roast your opponent using a predetermined list of words. You will have access to 3 characters from the start and the ability to unlock 4 more in various ways. Each character you face has a weakness and you have to find out what that weakness is and exploit that in your roasts.


The gameplay is very simplistic in nature. You will be selecting phrases to join together in an effort for a maximum roast of your opponent. Once you are satisfied with your expert level roast you will need to lock it in and either wait for your opponent to finish or go head to head with their roast against yours. Each roast will score points based on if you attacked their weakness or just wanted to throw some words together. Your goal is to lower their “humiliation” bar and have them concede victory to you.

There are a few different modes to choose from starting with single player. In the “Single Star” mode you can choose to play a quick single game to pass some time away or you can go in the “Career” mode where you will face off against 5 opponents provided you make it to the end with your dignity in tact. In each of the 5 battles there will be a total of 3 objectives you will need to complete. Completing objectives will award you with golden parrots which in turn will allow you to develop your character.

You will also be able to choose “Acting Class” if you would like a run through on how the game works and how to use the insults or roasts appropriately. You will have a basic tutorial and a more detailed one where you will learn how to utilize your options you have. Each character has a “comeback” button which provides a little more umph at the end of a roast and depending on if you used it with 1 bar filled or all 3 bars the umph will vary. This is a useful way to finish off the remaining dignity your opponent has.

The game also has online and local multiplayer modes where you can go head to head with someone else on the internet or destroy your wife, husbands or friends dignity all while in the comfort of your home. Playing matches in online multiplayer is a way to unlock one other character after completing a few online matches.

Speaking of unlocking characters, below is a list of each character and the way to unlock them and also the key phrases to choose when facing off with them in career mode that will attack the characters weakness. Thanks to the people over at gameplay.tips for the work behind finding this out. Please feel free to follow them on twitter here.

  • Marylin Nomore
    • How to Unlock – no requirements (default)
    • Weakness – Age and Beauty (your last plastic surgery, etc)
  • Dirty Potter
    • How to Unlock – no requirement (default)
    • Weakness – Manliness (Was seen at a vegan festival, Can’t grow a beard, etc)
  • The Greasy Wizard
    • How to Unlock – no requirements (default)
    • Weakness – Being in trouble with the law (A strict judge, buddy cops, etc)
  • Chop Sue E.
    • How to Unlock – Complete the Career Mode as any character
    • Weakness – Toughness (is a weaker version of, Your stunt double, etc)
  • Nosferateen
    • How to Unlock – Play multiplayer a few times
    • Weakness – Emotions (Your on-screen romance, etc)
  • F. Parker, CFO
    • How to Unlock – Complete career mode as every character except Nosferateen
    • Weakness – Money, or lack of it (Your financial portfolio, Can’t afford, etc)
  • Wisecrack
    • How to Unlock – Complete career mode 3 times with different characters
    • Weakness – Originality (Is a carbon copy, A James Bond knock off, etc)


The sounds of the game are a pretty humorous touch. Each character while being a parody to their counterpart in Tinseltown isn’t actually voiced by them, the developer did a good job at keeping the voice actors as close to the original part as possible. It really adds that extra touch when you are playing as one of these characters and you can hear the character meant to be portrayed actually saying the lines.

The graphics seem to have been focused on the character models as the backdrops really aren’t anything special. Considering the characters are the main focus of the game, I would say this approach should be expected. While there are different scenes that you will play in, each one is fitting to the descriptor but overall bland. The developer uses a spotlight to show which player’s turn it is and not only fitting to the style of the Hollywood elite it definitely is something that helps you figure out who’s turn it actually is. This is especially helpful as if you think it’s your turn and start pressing buttons you could speed up or skip the dialogue altogether of your opponent and accidentally picking a word or phrase that does not grammatically make sense causing you to lose your turn.


While this game is a fun time killer, I don’t see a push that would drive the need for this game. Sure it would be a great party game with your friends or the occasional online match from time to time, the overall amount of content here is minimal. There aren’t nearly enough character and the amount of lines to choose from for roasts gets repetitive and gives you the been here, done that feeling. If you are wanting to pick it up for the party game that it is then it’s definitely worth the price of admission, just if you are thinking this will provide you with countless hours of laughs at a single sitting then you might be disappointed.


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Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast









  • Great Parody Names
  • Local and Online Multiplayer
  • Great Party Game


  • Limited dialogue options
  • Limited cast of characters

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