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This game was reviewed on a PS4, it is also available on Nintendo Switch, iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Linux, PC, and Xbox One. A code for the review was provided by Terrible Toybox.


Thimbleweed Park is a point and click adventure game set in 1987 and follows two big city government agents Ray and Reyes on the quest to solve a small town murder. Or is that what the game wants you to think. You will find yourself trying to guess the next outcome and who could possibly be the killer. The best part is trying to figure out the motive behind it. The game takes twists and turns to an extreme with one of the biggest plot twists I’ve experienced in a game of this caliber in quite some time. With throwbacks to games of old and some self-deprecating humor in regards to game developers, Thimbleweed Park has it all.


Thimbleweed Park is definitely a game you want to pay attention to the story line and interactions with. Not just because that is what you are supposed to do while playing a game but because the developers have done an excellent job with utilizing not just the characters but some of the surrounding objects like books and journals. It seems that while you are pursuing the story line the developers kind of foreshadow what the game may really be about. There are a lot of little hints scattered around the world and through interactions with other characters of the things that are to come. I didn’t notice this was the case until the very end and at that moment it all hit me and all seemed to make sense. I wouldn’t have been able to pick up on that if I was only paying attention to the singular story line.

Throughout the game and through certain interactions you will be thrusted into a flashback of a different character. These will cause your screen to sway as you go from the present back to the past to show in action what the NPC you are speaking to is describing. These characters in the flashbacks end up becoming vital characters in the overall storyline and each one has a unique story to tell on how they fit in with the main story. Along the way you will meet some very interesting characters from the Sheriff to the Coroner, to the couple Sandy and Dan running the Diner.


You will find this is like most typical point and click games in terms of gameplay. Where this game really stands out is the small things. Like being able to switch the over/under of the toilet paper rolls in the game. Yes you read that correctly, if you are one that is obsessive about the toilet paper being over or under this game has you covered. The game also has several throwback jokes that most senior players will surely love but the younger audience might not understand them as they likely weren’t alive when the games were around. This game has a setting to turn those off, as I would assume this was to not confuse or bore the younger player with in-game jokes that otherwise they would not understand.

You will also find another type of throwback in the game and that is “pixel hunting”. Those that remember this mechanic where you will find “pixels” which are meant as different types in different games. In Thimbleweed Park you will be picking up dust specs for trophy/achievement related progress. Of course this is entirely optional as you aren’t required to complete all trophy/achievement related items but for those that enjoy this type of gameplay options and are a fan of some of the older point and click games you will definitely enjoy this throwback. These throwbacks should come as no surprise as the creators of this game are veterans to the genre.

The game has an extensive tutorial process in effort to assist those new to the genre on how to go about controlling your character along with the environment. With the standard controls like Open, Look At, Pick-Up, Talk to the game makes it so that anyone new or not will be able to enjoy the story and uncover the mysteries of Thimbleweed Park.

The game does not have any chapter select but does allow for multiple manual saves so you can save your progress in different locations. You can then use these manual saves to go back and maybe change-up some of your answers to the dialogue used or dive deeper in to the world created by exploring newspaper articles or reading many of the books in the game. Which way you use the manual saves or if you do is entirely up to you.


You will find the game has a rather nostalgic look to it with its pixellated design. This is a very purposeful design considering the developers history with this genre. Thimbleweed is a 2D pixelated graphic adventure game which scrolls as you move across the screen. The graphics are very well done and objects highlighted perfectly.

The game will make jokes in regards to several characters being voiced by one person in an attempt to save money. Whether or not this is true for the development team themselves or not, the joke plays really well in the scheme of the story. From the sounds of a comic con convention to the sounds of a bustling circus the game provides an overall feeling to where your character is located in the game. The game provides a wonderful atmospheric setting based on the sounds you will hear throughout your play through.


Thimbleweed Park is definitely a game you will want to play to uncover all the secrets and hidden gems within its world. The developers have taken great care and pride when creating this gem and it shows. From the game world itself or the self reflecting humor down to kickbacks to their kickstarter program, this game has it all. From fully fledged detailed world to the wireframed world shown in their initial kickstarter program. Will you be one that can figure out what happened in Thimbleweed Park and will you dive deeper to find all the secrets hidden within. We would definitely love to hear your thoughts on the game in the comment section down below.

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Thimbleweed Park









  • Point & Click done right
  • Very attentive to the smallest detail
  • Lots of great throwbacks to some of the great games before it


  • Could have possibly used chapter select for newer players

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