Shadow of Loot Box Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4 and is also available on Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. A code was provided by Ratalaika Games for review purposes.


If you ever wanted a game where you could have loads of loot boxes, cut content, DRM problems and an ample of other stuff from modern games all rolled in to one. Well look no farther than Shadow of Loot Box. It is a first person shooter in which you set out to destroy the evil loot boxes but along the way you will need to pause to watch an ad for $10, deal with glitches and incomplete levels and a DRM checker that makes sure you own the game insistently. All of this is metaphorical of course as the game is set up to make light of all the annoying things gamers love to complain about in the modern gaming era.


The gameplay is very spot on with the theme of the game. Shoot to kill the dreaded loot box and end its reign. The game really heavily plays in to a lot of the gripes and concerns gamers have when viewing their social media accounts. From complaining of levels being cut, glitches making walls disappear, to even some of the mobile gaming complaints of watching an ad for in-game currency. This game literally has it all. I found myself questioning if this was part of the game or if this was legit a problem. They really made it that convincing. You will find there isn’t a wide sloth of characters you will be coming across in this game but there is a very familiar face to most everyone that plays games. I’ll say a quote from this character and leave it at that, “There is another settlement that needs your help”. I literally died laughing when I came across him in the game and the glorious part about it is that I finally got a chance to kill him. It felt so satisfying. There is even a level where the they left the dev notes in the game and they actually help you with the mission. At first I thought this was just a joke until I realized that when it said the bridge was towards the left instead of where it looked to be I quickly realized to head the warnings.

Sounds and Graphics

With the style of game and overall theme of the game the graphics just fit like a hand in a glove. It simply works. I found myself just inspecting all around to see if I could find anything at all that was in the hidden corners of the game world. I think the character creation used is just the icing on the cake. From random t-poses to just a bugged out face (Assassin’s Creed Unity throwback) there just seemed to be always something to look at and make you laugh. It really threw you down memory lane of some of this gens most memorable mess-ups.

The sounds would be as you’d expect in a shooter game. The sounds of the different guns are unique but of course not authentic. Each level has its own feel to it with the music used. This is definitely part of the games charm.


Well Ratalaika Games has done it again. They have made another game that is definitely a must play and is just simply enjoyable in its own right. There were no unintentional bugs in the game and it ran flawlessly as their games just do. This one hit the same uniqueness that their games so often do and it is going to come highly recommended. The game isn’t difficult for anyone and everyone to simply pick up and play but one thing is for sure, if you’ve played games like Assassin’s Creed Unity and Fallout 4 you will definitely get an extra bit of a laugh with the game.


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Shadow of Loot Box









  • Completely loved all the easter eggs
  • Absolutely no unintentional bugs or glitches
  • Great use of gamers concerns and complaints to make a game


  • Could have been a bit longer

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