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Planet PlayStation is looking for some help. We are an up and coming site and would like to grow with you. Have you ever wanted to review games? Let people know your thoughts about a subject on a larger scale? Then look no farther as we are looking for YOU!!!

Positions Available

  • Writer(s):
    • Writing reviews that will be listed on our contributor page on OpenCritic.
    • Writing opinion pieces on today’s gaming topics
    • Writing news articles to keep the readers informed of all things PlayStation.
    • Position is unpaid at this time but you will be given FREE game codes for review purposes.
  • Streamer:
    • Given access to the sites Twitch/Mixer accounts to stream content on whether it’s the latest games out, video reviews, or just your favorite games.
  • YouTube content creator:
    • Looking for someone willing to consistently upload to the sites YouTube channel with either game play, commentary, or hosting a podcast of writers for our channel with over 700 subscribers.
  • Contributor
    • Periodically writing pieces for the site when the need or want arises. This position will not get review codes as those are reserved for the writers on the team.

All positions at this time are unpaid as we are just a small site. However, for those that are a permanent member of the team you will be paid in review codes (FREE games) to review, showcase on YouTube/Twitch, or do opinion pieces related to the games. As of now this is really the only form of payment we can offer. We are working towards the ability to start paying writers per the piece they write but until the site is financially supporting itself we can only offer review codes.

If you are interested in joining the team in any of the positions mentioned above please reach out to us in any of the ways listed below to let us know. It should go without saying that the positions listed above require that you do have access to a computer and willing to use WordPress. If not familiar with WordPress a brief training session will be provided.

How to Apply

You can reach out to us to show interest in the positions listed above by the following:


Twitter: (DMs are open)

Charles Kyle – Owner

Main Sites Twitter Page

Andrew Purvis – Head of PSVR

We sincerely hope to hear from you, it’s and exciting time to be a part of the site and grow with it from the ground up.

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