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This product was reviewed on a PS4, it is also available on Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. A code was provided by Sometimes You for review purposes.


The Mooseman takes place in the mysterious lands of the Perm chud’ tribes. You are The Mooseman which is a mythological creature from perm animal style objects. You have the ability to see all that is hidden to the mortal eye. You will visit three layers of this universe, the lower, the middle, and the upper worlds. The first of which is the lower World where spirits of the dead reside. This game was inspired and created by a small team in Perm City, Russia.


This is a 2D side scrolling atmospheric adventure game. You will be exploring the lore related to Perm Chud’ tribes and uncovering hidden objects and enemies along your way. There will be puzzles that you will need to complete not only to uncover artifacts to collect but also to defeat some of the bosses. I must say that I found that to be one of the more interesting parts of the gameplay. Usually there are puzzles and then boss fights, but to include the two together was a very cool idea and one that I found most interesting. You will find that as you progress from the lower world to the upper world that the puzzles and bosses become a little more challenging to complete. This is done in such a way that it isn’t artificial difficulty but a natural progression of ideas based on the lore.



The Mooseman definitely takes the artistic approach and it pays off very well for the story it is telling. Telling one of the ancient Russian mythologies definitely comes across better with this artistic hand drawn look. The colors are also representative of the lore and change depending on which world you are in. Also your collectibles which add to the story telling element are displayed in vibrant rainbow like colors that stand out in the dark parts of the game.



While there are a lot of great game soundtracks out there, this one needs to be added to it. With the orchestra and the perfect melody from the choir it really feels like you are listening to a real life folklore telling while playing the game. It is one of my favorite types of music being that it deals with mythologies. My favorite title from the game is “The Dawn” with its complete concert sounding quality to the mood it puts you in while playing the game. It all fits together so very well and comes off as authentic as humanly possible.



If you are a lover of the arts and really enjoy the different mythologies from around the world then you definitely owe it to yourself to experience The Mooseman. One of the draws this game had with me was the artistic approach and covering a subject matter I knew little about going in. While not a truly heavy “gameplay” component is in the game, it makes up for with the story telling through lore and collectibles. The art style is also something to behold as it truly feels that you are experiencing the telling of Russian Perm tribes.

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The Mooseman











  • Love the artistic approch
  • Great Lore to explore
  • Unique style of boss fights
  • Interesting puzzles


  • Could have used more in depth story behind it

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