Zeus Quest Remastered Review

This product was review on the PS4. Is also available on Steam, 3DS, Switch, Android, PC, Mac, IOS, Windows Store. A code was provided by Crazy Soft for review purposes.


Zeus Quest Remastered is a point in click adventure game where the king of the Greek pantheon returns to Earth in a spaceship with just 4 items to hand. It’s up to you to determine how to use these items and any others you may find to progress the story.


The story to Zeus Quest Remastered is an interesting one as it follows the Zeus of Greek Mythology falling to Earth in his spaceship, oddly enough he manages to steer his falling spacecraft just of the coast of the island and land in the sea. As his ship sank the water never retreats behind leaving a tunnel with which Zeus climbs back up to the surface onto the beach. Unfortunately he appears to have possibly hit his head in the crash and has forgotten who he is and why he has returned to Earth after some time.

The game is Greek Mythology meets Sci-Fi what with the spaceship Zeus is piloting but for those who aren’t big on the Sci-Fi elements rest assured that Zeus Quest doesn’t lean into this too much once the gameplay starts, rather leaving you to mingle with the residents of the island and solve puzzles.

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Zeus Quest is the very definition of the point and click adventure game. The introduction has great animation showing the spaceship falling to Earth. Once Zeus has made his way to the surface and onto the beach you as the player have to figure out how to progress using the items Zeus has in his inventory and by interacting with the residents of the island.

The game has some great visual humour with Zeus almost dancing across the screen and falling down flights of stairs. There’s also a few sliding tile puzzles that may seem tricky but if you don’t manage the game will help you out by getting you close to the solution. The same can’t be said for the tips button which works well providing you are in the same area as your next task otherwise you will be directed to the map where you will need to wait up to 3 minutes before getting another tip. The gameplay feels slower than other games I have played or seen of this style as having to move the cursor to the place you want Zeus to go then clicking and waiting for him to move. I did however find after sometime that clicking square would move Zeus and felt like it speed up the game even just a little.


As you can see the game has a great hand drawn animation style that’s bright and colourful, when looking at the game there is a real sense of playing something from an almost forgotten time in video games. The animation of the characters faces or their movements seem strange but also quite funny at times. The dialogue options are all very clear on the screen and some of the responses from the NPC’s are great so it’s definitely worth trying all options with each character to see what result you may get.


The remaster of this game boasts a new soundtrack which suites the game and gives you the feeling of being on a Greek island mixing with the locals and enjoying the sights. It is unfortunate that the main character and NPC’s don’t have any dialogue but this is just an example of how the game may not have aged well in today’s world of vast AAA games where every NPC has their own voice actor but it doesn’t take away from the experience of the game, this actually gives you that nostalgic feel for games I remember playing when I was younger while gaming on a friends Mega Drive.



Zeus Quest is a blast from the past showing how games used to be in a time before huge mainstream console titles. The art style and music all add to the feel of the retro game that is incredibly popular in this age of Mini versions of classic consoles and indie titles that have smaller budgets but still offer great gameplay and narrative. Being a huge God Of War fan myself its great to see Zeus be the hero for a change rather than just being the big bad and waiting to get the opportunity to cave his head in (GoW 3 Spoilers sorry) If you ever used to play these kind of games on the home PC back in the day then its worth a pick up, if your unsure at all you can even pick up a free lite/trial version on the android store.

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Zeus Quest Remastered











  • Beautiful Retro Art Style
  • Simple Pick up and play game
  • Relaxing pace


  • Not as many sci fi elements as expected
  • Doesn't hold up well to today's games

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