It’s Spring Again Review

This product was reviewed on a PlayStation Vita, it is also available on Nintendo Switch and PC. A code was provided by Sometimes You for review purposes.


It’s Spring Again is an educational game for children 2 and up. This game was made with simple game mechanics to teach the children about the seasons. It is intended to develop association and logical thinking. Children will learn the order of the seasons and create a melody for each of them with a little help from their parents.


The game is based on a popular puppet show called The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree which premiered in December 2013. The game enriches this story by allowing the children to directly interact with the story using the gameplay mechanics. It is a really neat little game to help a growing child learn the differences between all the season and allow him or her to not only learn but become familiar with gaming mechanics.



The graphics are that of a young child’s drawing which also helps with the focus of the game being for young children. The game appears to be done in this style for that purpose and also to directly relate to the look of the puppet show that it was based on. The narrator guides the child along with the different portions of the seasons and what is happening around it. The game also has small little voices for the clouds, sun, trees, and more. This again is perfect for an educational game and its focus on getting children to learn. ss_ad32e6be859baf287be8b884e93d90fb188cd73e.1920x108000b72a05c1cea600c0e43caf3013f9888976b15b


The game is absolutely perfect for its intended audience. From the looks of the puppet show they modeled and expanded this after it nails every aspect with great detail. This is a definite must have for any gamer out there with young children and the platform to play it on. It is a way to get the child engaged with learning that a normal preschool just cannot do. This interactive way of learning is definitely a way of the future and I hope we start to see more titles like it, being the parent of a 20 month old.

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It's Spring Again











  • This nails its target audience
  • Interactive learning at it's best
  • A perfect way to engage with your child


  • Not really anything negative about it

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