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This game was reviewed on a PS4, it is also available on Nintendo Switch. A code was provided by Crazy Soft for review purposes.


This is a paid for app that is designed to test your personality and psychological attributes in what the game app itself says is for “entertainment purposes only”. However if you take a look at their website it leads you to believe something entirely different. This is a direct excerpt from their website showing that they created this with their own questions and their aim was to in fact diagnose you both inside and out.

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Personality Psychology Premium is a PAID app in the market for applications which helps you with knowing your personality score, to analyze your personality. It is unlike the free personality development, personality testing applications.

This is a highly professional and next level application which really helps you to improve your personality, the making of application is done with the logic and planning which made the application making effort double as compare to other FREE / SILLY personality psychology building apps. This is the reason it comes in a PAID version. We have a wide range of personality and psychology brain tests and games presented in a pleasant/funny way. By this personality and psychology brain test and games, you can improve yourself and you can also know much more about yourself. And you can also analyze your ability and find out what actually in your mind. Psychological problems are very common nowadays but due to lack of understanding, we are unable to figure out that with what psychological problem we suffer and how to overcome. No fake promises, no fake outcomes, we charge genuinely for the help Personality Psychology Premium app provides you with knowing yourself in a better and productive way.

Psychological problems nowadays have no age bar and this is the reason we don’t agree to believe that we are suffering from some psychological disorder or concerns. Personality Psychology Premium app’s concept is very simple and crystal clear, we have a series of test and thus based on their results we give you a perfect analysis report of your psychological and mental status. Which help you to determine: What inside and outside going on.

If you look at the quote from the website above it is clear that they are billing this as a professional help with legitimate results. This will come in to play later in the review so please take a moment to remember this bit of information.

The Net Result

This is the part of the review where I am going to take scathing issue with its content and message that it is sending. I’m purely going on the fact that the website for the game shows that this is a true app built for psychological purposes and the questions in them were made from the developers to help with that.

The first thing I’m taking issue with is what are the credentials of the developers that they feel that they can bill this app as a professional way to determine your psychological makeup or your personality in any way. I’ve looked over their entire site and see nothing which would lend credence to a PhD or the like. Sure I might be over thinking this and it’s all for fun. I could totally get behind that premise if it wasn’t labeled the way it is on their website.

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Here we have a test to see “Am I Racist?”. This is on the “Serious Test” selection and is really an important way to show how this game cannot decide if it truly is for entertainment purposes or is this really designed to show you if you are racist indeed.  There are a total of 24 questions for this test but only 11 deals with race. That is a whopping 54% of the questions focusing on something else entirely. Questions like “young people should not get to vote until they get a real job”, “All borders should be opened in all countries”, “We should keep our borders free for immigration”, and “the natural role for a woman is to be a housewife” have LITERALLY nothing at all to do with race and are very hot button topics in today’s political climate. Especially all the questions related to immigration. Now I took the test and it did show that I wasn’t racist but why have over half your questions be related to something other than race? This feels more like propaganda than an actual questionnaire related to racism.

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There are plenty other tests to select but it lends me to wonder what their intent truly is. Is this truly meant for fun and if so then why don’t they reflect that language on their website clearly. This is definitely something that one has to consider when doing a review for such a game or app.


This is a game that if you are just wanting some laughs then sure but if you are going off of their website that this is meant for something more serious than avoid this at all costs. This game should not be taken seriously in any of its topics as they are obviously not clinical psychologists and therefore have no merit in their results.


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  • Its a party game not a true test


  • No clear messaging
  • Can't decide if it's serious or for fun
  • very clear biased questions
  • Questions dont pertain to the subject matter
  • Priced too high compared to other for fun apps like it

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