Raining Coins Review

This product was reviewed on a PS4, it is also available on 3DS, iPhone/iPad, and PC. A code was provided for review by Crazy Soft.


In this mobile type of game you will be controlling Eve and trying to collect the money needed to buy everything she wants. The only catch is you won’t be “working” for the money instead you will be traveling back and forth across the screen to catch coins falling from the sky. You will be battling wind, rain, bombs, birds that steal from you, and many more obstacles along the way. Your one and only goal is to finish each of the four worlds so that you can have enough coins to buy what it is you want.


You will be able to use your directional pad or the left thumb stick to guide Eve back and forth to catch coins. You will have to think fast as you will have many obstacles in your way to keep Eve from her prized possession. You will have the power ups to help you out on your journey that allow for you to increase the size of your piggy bank and also one that will show a guided line of where the coins are going to drop making it easier for you to catch them all. Be careful though because you are only allotted a few power ups and if you use them all up quickly then you will have to wait for the owl to fly by and drop a power up coin that you will have to catch as well. I feel this game would have been one that could have used the six axis control allowing you to tilt your controller left or right to catch the coins. That being said there are some levels that will test your level of patience and the ability to keep the controller in hand while trying to nab every coin that drops.

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This is the part that can make or break a game in a lot of cases. In this one for instance the game itself looks to have been primarily created for a freemium model for mobile and then ported over to console for a flat fee. This is sometimes a problem but in this game if you have a young child that is just playing the PS4 for passing time or to learn some hand/eye coordination then this type of graphical display might work for you.



While this game is definitely not one I could recommend to any of my friends to play it is one that I would possibly point to for a gamer with young children. While it might be hard for some of the younger audience to play it does seem to be a game that could increase the youngsters hand/eye coordination. Other than that, you’d be better off picking this up on the free model for mobile and using it to pass your time while in a waiting room.

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Raining Coins









  • Good for young children


  • Better off being a FTP game
  • Could have used six-axis controls

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