Frutakia 2 Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4, it is also available on 3DS, Nintendo Switch and PC. A code was provided by Crazy Soft for review purposes.


Frutakia 2 is a match 3 puzzle game that is just what it sounds like. Match 3 fruits in any direction, up, down, left, right, diagonal. It is built-in a casino style frame using slot machine functions. There is a timer to the left of the slot machine that runs out until you make a match. The more matches you make the more time you get added to the timer.


The game is pretty straight forward. Pull the handle and the slots spin. Once they stop you better hurry though and make some matches. This game is a little different in that it allows you to move the slots in order to make a match. The more you move each slot without a match the faster the timer runs out. In fact the time is almost non-existent without a match right off the bat. It seems almost pointless to even play when you run out of time before  you can even move a slot 8-10 places. This is definitely a flaw in the game as that was on the easy setting. It’s even more impossible on the hard setting. It would be better served to have an artificial timer that just runs out in a more regular fashion and then able to add more time by making correct matches.

PlayStation 4 Screenshot 2018-11-24 09-51-48

This game is another one in their long line of poorly ported mobile games. These to me have no business being on console as they were built entirely on the mobile market. I don’t see any point in this game as it offers nothing. This was meant as a time killer, something to play when you are on a bus, in a waiting room, or waiting on your wife to finally get ready. This type of game doesn’t really have that type of appeal on consoles as you aren’t taking your PS4 with you to the doctor, on a bus or really anywhere away from the TV it is hooked to.

PlayStation 4 Screenshot 2018-11-24 09-52-35


As the picture above suggests, it seems it’s game over for this game and really any other time waster on console. If we wanted mobile games we would simply pick up our phone and play them, many times for free, as in this case there is a free version on mobile and a paid version for only $3.99. This is definitely a game that was better off sticking with the platform that it was designed for.

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Frutakia 2









  • I guess if you are looking for a time killer on console


  • Better off sticking with mobile gaming
  • Timer ruins any fun this might have had

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