Puzzle Showdown 4K Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4 and is also available for PC. A code was provided by Kingdom Games for review purposes.


Puzzle Showdown 4K introduces a brand new way to enjoy puzzle making without all the mess. Play by yourself or with up to four friends in order to attempt getting the puzzle together as quickly as possible. You will get to choose the number of pieces from 28 all the way to 512. Give yourself the challenge that you desire in your quest to build puzzles without all the mess. As a bonus, you will get to experience all of the beautiful puzzles in crisp and clear 4K resolution.


This is the element that with literally make or break a game like Puzzle Showdown. The controls to place each piece in place has to be 100% accurate or else you will have a huge mess on your hands. I’m definitely happy to report that truly in fact the developers have nailed this mechanic. Each piece will hit the mark each and every time. You can either choose to use hints or even do everything yourself as if you had the puzzle on a table in front of you. The choice is entirely up to you. You can choose to have a blank canvas to work with or a picture of the box art showing a shadow of the puzzle.


Do you ever have those friends or family members that like to stand over your shoulder and tell you where a piece of the puzzle goes? Well this is where this game gets interesting. Take up to 3 friends and challenge them to a competitive puzzle building match and see just once and for all which one of you is the puzzle champion.



This is where the beauty of puzzles come in to play. Puzzle Showdown has a very large selection of picture perfect quality puzzles to choose from. From the cat puzzle to the large ocean front view, it has it all. You will never run out of puzzles to put together and it’s hard to grow tired of the beautiful images portrayed.

The sounds will definitely be a way to sooth you as you play. You can choose a blend of Acoustic, Classical, or Electronic music to accompany you while you play. I personally enjoyed the acoustic sounds myself. But you will have a selection to choose from to make your puzzle building worthwhile.



This is a title that I really wasn’t fond of initially but one that grew on me over the course of playing it. I really enjoy putting puzzles together and just didn’t know how that would translate over to a video game.  Though it doesn’t give you the exact same feeling of accomplishment it definitely makes up for the fact you don’t have to clutter up your house just to find room. This will definitely be a game for any puzzle lovers out there that like me, simply do not have the room nor the ability to put a puzzle together the traditional way. With this game I am able to fulfill that desire and not have to worry about by animals or my 21 month old from coming up and knocking over all my hard work.

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Puzzle Showdown 4K









  • Perfect option for those without the room
  • Plenty of puzzles to choose from
  • Easy listening music to have while playing


  • Could also us a cooperative game mode

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