Unbox: Newbies Adventure Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4 and is also available Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. A code was provided by Prospect Games for review purposes.


Unbox: Newbies Adventure is a 3D platformer in which the player controls a cardboard box. The player must bounce and roll his/her way through mountains and islands alike in order to deliver themselves in an effort for the greater good of the Global Postal Service (GPS). In an effort to save themselves from bankruptcy, GPS has found a way to save on human employee costs by creating sentient cardboard boxes and having them deliver themselves. It will be your job to complete the test islands by racing against the clock, solving puzzles and having a lot of fun with physics, which often involve causing mayhem, knocking things over, or blowing things up. You will need to prove your worth as a sentient, self-delivering package.


You are playing as GPS’s newest creation, Newbie. You will have to make your way through the training montage and 3 islands in order to prove your worth. You have to watch out for Boss Wild and his minions of wild cards along the way. His sole purpose is to pay back the GPS and stop you from completing your goal. Along the way you will find friendly faces that will give you a task to complete in return for a postage stamp. Collect enough postage stamps and you can then take on Boss Wild. After the third and final island is when the sidewalk meets the road and you have your final chance and ending Boss Wild’s reign of terror once and for all.

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You will have many different challenges that face you from driving a car to finding all the trapped Zippies around each island. You will definitely want to free them from the grasps of the wild cards.



You can tell the developers of this game were heavily influenced by the 90s style platformers. This game is a perfect example of a 90s platforming game brought in to modern times. The game uses physics based mechanics with jumping or “unboxing” as the game calls it. This allows you to shed a layer of your cardboard in an effort to jump higher. This makes it to where there is literally nothing out of reach. You will find this to be true when you have to use your unbox mechanic to land on a plane circling the island. Instead of just using a walking mechanic the developer decided to use a more “realistic” approach to how a box would get around. You will be rolling on all corners and sides through the islands and water to defeat Boss Wild and save GPS.


You will be able to customize your box to fit your personality with the many customization items you will unlock along your journey. Find your perfect box by changing your box type to your hat, clothing and accessories. You will be able to have anything from sunglasses to a Fez hat.


The game also has local multiplayer which also is retro inspired. You will have the ability to have up to 4 players and side by side split-screen play time. I can say with confidence that this style of multiplayer is one that is lost on today’s style of games. Something that is definitely lacking for the most part. This was a welcome addition to an already slamming good time with this platformer.



This game has it all. From the beautifully designed islands with their bright colors and unique boxes around them to the sounds the islands have. I found myself wanting to explore every single part of the island to see what all was created and just how detailed they made the game. I was not left disappointed. If you pick this game up, you will owe it to yourself to fully explore every nook each island has in store for you to make sure you get to see and hear just how detailed this game is, both in graphics and in sound.



With so much being lost in today’s gaming landscape from years ago, this is definitely a title you will want to experience. It takes everything we loved about gaming from the 90s and improves on each and every item but still sticking to its true core of a platformer. This game has something to enjoy for any lover of the platforming genre. From a very unique protagonist to and even more unique antagonist this game is definitely one you will want to add to your library.

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Unbox: Newbies Adventure











  • Sticks true to form while improving on
  • Perfect 90s styled platformer
  • Much needed split screen multiplayer
  • Unique concept


  • Could have been just a bit longer

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