Playstation Plus December 2018 Games Announced

It’s that time again ladies and gentlefolk that all us PS Plus subscribers get to look ahead to next months free games and what a line up we have to look

forward to.

Don’t forget these titles will be free to download from Tuesday December 4th.


First up on PS4 we have Soma as Sci-Fi survival horror title released in 2015 to an astounding 81 rating on meta critic. If you’re looking for a post Halloween scare then this may be the way to go.


Next we have Onrush from legendary racing developers Codemasters. This had an open beta earlier this year before its release and is an action packed multiplayer online racer where you work in teams and solo to win races and destroy opponents with Burnout-esq takedowns for great cinematic effect. Onrush released to a 76 rating on Metacritic not so long ago but from the looks of things didn’t hit it big with the masses. Lucky for us we now get to experience it for free so I’m sure there will be lots of people online to try to eliminate.



For PS3 owners we still have PS Plus games being released and first up is Steredenn, a pixel space shooter where you will be battling pirates from your spacecraft. Expect fast paced combat from this one.

Steredenn ps3

Next up on PS3 is the visual novel game Steinsgate, the 2nd game in the Science Adventure series. If you’re looking for a non linear game with a branching narrative then this will be worth trying especially with its 83 Metacritic rating.

Steinsgate ps3

PS Vita

On the Vita this month we have a PS4 cross-buy with Iconclasts, this colorful little action platformer was released back in August this year . You play as a renegade mechanic who must uncover the secrets of a dying planet by solving puzzles and meeting various characters in a colorful 2D environment.


Finally we have Papers, Please also coming to Vita which has a huge 92 rating on Metacritic. This game was originally released on PC and ported to consoles. In the game you play a border control officer checking passports and allowing people through the border or denying them entry. I for one will want to try this title after seeing an amazing fan made film earlier this year. It may look like a mundane job simulator but with the stakes as high as they are there will be some tense decisions to make I’m sure.


There we are folk that I your rundown of Decembers free PS Plus games, remember you still have time to pick up November’s games like Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm.

Enjoy your upcoming month of gaming everyone.

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