Toy Stunt Bike: Tiptop’s Trials Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4 Pro, the game is also available on Nintendo Switch. A code was provided for review purposes.


Toy Stunt Bike is a series of games released over the years by Wobbly Tooth Games. Tiptop’s Trials is the latest addition to this series, a game where you play as a chimpanzee who rides a trials motorbike.


Tiptop’s Trials at first glance will remind you of the Ubisoft Trials series and rightly so, I imagine some would even call it a clone. That said, the game is charming, easy to grasp while still having some goals to complete. There are 6 worlds, each with 6 levels that each have 3 trophies to collect. To collect said trophies you are required to beat a goal time, beat a goal score and collect 3 hidden flags in each level. These trophies are not too hard to achieve but will still give the player goals to work towards for each level.


When you have completed all trophies on all levels, you will find yourself unlocking 4 secret levels. These levels didn’t seem to have much purpose other than some extra fun, personally I would have preferred them to be made into their own separate world with an extra 2 levels but this isn’t a real problem, just a preference.



The music in this game is appropriate but still manages to be good. The volume of the music is just right, you aren’t drowned out by the music but it’s still loud enough to make an impact. I even found myself taking a break to do something else, but keeping my headphones on listening to the music unintentionally.


The graphics in this game are well made, the art style used helps market this game towards children. You find yourself playing on giant, real life backgrounds such as a kitchen and bedroom. I did find a few quirks in the graphics, mostly clipping inside of objects that I assume the developer didn’t really intend people to reverse to but other than that everything else was good.


Overall the game is good, it is a small game marketed towards children and it does this well. I would suggest this game to parents of younger children who should expect it to keep the child occupied for at the very least a few hours. The price is good, but playtime is limited due to the small number of levels with no level creation.

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