80s Inspired indie game grinds on to PS4

Indie developer, Pixel Trip Studios is teaming up with publisher Chorus Worldwide, to bring gamers back to the 80s. This retro inspired video game is inspired by the cult classic Paper Boy. You will be taking a nostalgic trip back to the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System but instead of having to blow in your cartridges hoping to get your game to work, you will be able to jump straight on your skateboard and deliver VHS tapes all from your PS4.

In The VideoKid you will be coin collecting as you weave through traffic, grind on cars, kickflip, ollie, perform mad combos, all the while flinging VHS tapes in your neighborhood mailboxes. You will only have one life to make it to your girlfriend Jessica. Will you be able to avoid death on every polygonal course in order to reach that ultimate goal?

This is definitely one that brings me back to my days and nights playing Paper Boy. One of my all time favorite games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I spent so many hours and days throwing papers in to every mailbox that I could. Now to think there is a game coming that lets me completely relive these days and hours on my current console. This is the ultimate nostalgic trip I’ve longed for. Now all I need is someone to recreate the other favorite of mine, Marble Madness (hint, hint, wink, wink).

“With so many fond memories of playing the original CD spinning PlayStation as a teenager, it’s so exciting to have the Videokid coming out on PS4 all these years later!” said Adam Jeffcoat, Director at Pixel Trip Studios.

If you are a fan of games of yesteryear and definitely want to be taken down memory lane, this will be the game for you. The VideoKid kickflips its way on the PS4 on December 11th for both the North America and European stores. The North American version will launch with a 10% discount during its opening week. Set your calendars now for this upcoming title.

“We’re really excited that The Videokid is coming to PS4! We’ve been asked about this constantly since the game launched on Switch and Xbox One in September, so we know PS4 players will be thrilled that they can finally jump on the board and get their ‘80s on.” said Shintaro Kanaoya, CEO of Chorus Worldwide Games Limited.

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