Energy Cycle Edge Review

This game was reviewed on a Playstation 4 Pro, it is also available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A review code was provided by Sometimes You Games.


Some of you may remember playing a game back in the day (1995) called lights out, a game where you had a grid of squares, some lit up and some not. The goal was to get every square to be the same. As you clicked a square, that square and any squares touching it would change, Energy Cycle Edge uses the same design but in a much harder 3D form.


This game is a puzzle game so before you play you should expect it to be hard and potentially frustrating and that it is, with 44 levels of varying difficulty. With 100% honesty, this is the hardest puzzle game I have played in a few years now and I love that. As you progress through the levels they become more and more 3D with standard 1 sided levels to begin with, eventually becoming full 4 sided cube levels. The 3D aspect of this game really kicks in when you find yourself with 1 circle on one side the wrong colour, correcting the circle only to find out the same circle is now wrong on the next side. Due to games like this being notorious for being fast platinum trophies I do expect guides to be out and people to be completing the game within an hour or two however without a guide I have put easily 40+ hours into this game and still have not completed every level.


Graphics and Sound

Graphics wise, this game is simple but effective. The game is very easy to understand and uses the same art style used in the previous game Energy Cycle. I did however have one specific problem with the graphics being that your “cursor” so to speak is a green mist that hovers over the circle you are on, with 1 of the 3 colours used for the circles also being green it is very easy to accidentally press the wrong circle but this is easily fixed by just pressing the circle twice more…if you notice your mistake to begin with.

As for sound, the game uses soundtracks by various artists all from electronic genres. I personally enjoy this type of music so I would listen to it even without playing the game but as I was working on this game I became sick. Due to this just like in my Energy Invasion review I would have really liked a volume slider so I could continue listening to the music at a very quiet volume however without one I ended up turning the music completely off for the past few days to prevent making myself feel worse.



With 44 levels getting increasingly difficult, this game will keep you occupied for many hours. That said there were people making guide videos before the game was even released meaning this game will also appeal to both lovers of puzzle games and achievement hunters. I personally loved this game and hope the developer makes even more games of a similar style in the future, however I do imagine some casual players would find this game too hard.

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Energy Cycle Edge









  • Good music and graphics
  • Amount of levels to keep you occupied for hours
  • Random colours option results in lots of replay-ability


  • No volume slider
  • Could be too hard for some people

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