Tour De France 2018 Review

This product was reviewed on the PS4, also available on Xbox One and PC under Pro Cycling Manager 2018. A code was provided by Focus Home Interactive for review.


Tour de France 2018 is the latest installment in the cycling game series. While it is an excellent example of sports simulator, it seems to have forgotten that it is also a video game.


Tour de France 18 does an excellent job of giving you the road cycling experience and in ways could be compared to the likes of Gran Turismo in the way it simulates its sport, where the game is lacking is in its gameplay options. The training mode will take you through the controls showing you when to break for corners so as to keep momentum and how best to use your attack button which equates to a boost. The only real issue I found with this mode was the voice of the trainer, I felt as though I was learning to play polo just listening to the ol’ chap. There is an arcade style mode which is very pick up and play placing you right in the middle of the action where you can play stages of the full race. Career mode comes in two forms with a standard career that will let you play as one of the cyclists on the game leading a team of racers or there is the option to create your own cyclist and follow a career. Local multiplayer is available which is great when so many games take a preference to online, we can generally still rely on sports games to give us the local multiplayer experience. What surprised me is there was no option to play against an online opponent. Considering the number of sports games that thrive online with shared content and online matches I felt as if the game is being left behind by other titles in the genre which is a shame as there isn’t a great amount content here. The thing that left me most disappointed with the game were lack of modes available to play. When thinking of other sports games that give training modes with silly mini games or challenges this game consists of basically cycling down the road and not a lot else.


What to I say about the graphics in Tour de France, on the one hand as you can see above the cyclists look stunning in the pre-race cut scene (that is until you realize that all the cyclists are clearly from the same rather large family) you could almost think you are watching the race on the tv from over the shoulder of one of the racers. But once your eyes wonder (and they will after cycling for a little bit) you will notice that the backgrounds and the spectators especially are very poorly rendered in comparison. The environment look like they have been pulled from an old Colin McRae game and the spectators at the sides are reminiscent of the copy and paste audience from previous generation WWE games.

Not much can be said for the sound of the game, the music used during the title screen gives you the feeling that you are in for an exciting fast paced racing experience. Then you get into the pre-race screen where the coach will give you some tips on the upcoming course. Unfortunately he starts his briefing by saying ‘Hi guys’ sounding like that much older uncle who tries too hard to be down with the kids. It doesn’t get any better once the race starts as old school uncle will be commenting on the race as well as giving you coaching throughout. The commenting is generic and doesn’t feel as if it is effected by how the race is going. Then there are the shouts from the crowd which are audible but are in French so unless you are fluent its not gonna give you much motivation unfortunately. It is however surprising how well you can hear a spectator shouting their praise when there are non to be seen on the sides on the road. In fact I decide to stop during one race where no spectators where waiting and there was still shouting to be heard. Overall the sound doesn’t really add anything to the experience here.


In these times where we have many different sports represented with high quality annual video games the cycling world and the Tour de France itself is sadly let down by this game. It isn’t that the game doesn’t work as it is a smooth gaming experience, it also achieves what it sets out to do, it just feels like the game is lacking in content and quality in places. If you want a no thrills, hardcore cycling sim then this is the game for you. If you want a fun cycling gaming experience then proceed with caution.

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Tour de France 2018









  • Great sports sim
  • Easy control system


  • Poor background graphics
  • Poor sound
  • Lack of features

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