I Am The Hero Review

This review was done on the vita and the Co-op was done on the PS4. I am the hero is available on PS4, Vita, Xbox One, PC, IOS. A code was provided by Ratalaika Games for review purposes.


I am the hero is a pixel style fighting game that you have to defeat all enemies on the screen before you can move on to the next set and then the boss.


The game is really fun, reminds me a lot of the older beat em up games.

You battle through enemies to get to the boss at the end of each level. After beating the boss at the end of each level you can unlock new special moves or other skins to use on the next level.

Each level has a different style of enemy, you have to learn to dodge and learn their specials moves, trying what you did last level won’t always work.

It’s fun trying to put combos together to beat the multiple enemies you are fighting. when building combos they dont reset when hit or stop, you get a few seconds between to keep them going.

A lot of the time it will be you against 4 plus enemies, During boss fights they don’t make it easy by letting you go against the boss only, you have to fight the boss plus their attackers.

Co-op is a added feature, being able to team up with a friend to take on all the enemies in these crazy fights.

Starts out easy but the further you get in the game the harder it gets and the more enemies you have to deal with. you may die a lot playing this game but that is the fun, learn from your mistakes and try something new.

After you beat the game you unlock the next difficulty level and get to go at it again. what else could you ask for, the replay value keeps it going.


The graphics in I am the hero are just amazing. They are bright and colorful and a pixel art style makes things pop.

Going threw the levels, each level has its own color style and who you fight they bring their colors to the level, from rappers throwing beats at you flying across the screen in arrange of colors, and how you fight as well, slamming down and making a huge explosion is amazing and bright

There is never a dull color moment in this game.


The sound of this game is not too bad it’s self

They did a nice job with sound effects when it comes to punching and connecting the hit to hitting the enemy and completely missing all together with a swoosh sound. Hitting someone hard enough where they fly and bounce off the sides of the screen and making a bouncing sound is a nice touch

Each enemy has their own sounds and music on the level as well,

Now the slightly bad is the music can be very repetitive and I wish more animations had sound when coming on screen. cars and motorcycles go across the screen trying to hit you on some levels and there are no sounds to them which was a let down.


I am hero is a must play game that you can pick up and play on your own or with family and friends especially if your into the beat em up games that you grew up with.

If you have yet to play one this is a good game to be your first.

Reminds me of the older style 2D games and those were a blast.

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I am the Hero









  • combos dont reset right away
  • beautiful art style
  • fun co-op


  • repetitive music

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