18 Floors Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4. It is also available on PC. A code was provided by Winking Entertainment for review purposes.


18 Floors is a room escape VR game in which you will use puzzle elements to exit each room. In each room there are clues to find that will help you solve each puzzle and escape. When you start the game you are transported to what seems to be a dream land of sorts. The first episode consists of the Phantom Room and the Sea Express stages.


You will play as the protagonist Andrea as you try to seek out your true identity and what could be a conspiracy of epic proportions. This is actually something I had no idea of while playing the game. I had to end up going to the game’s website in order to see that little snippet. To me this was simply an escape the room puzzle game so that is what I’m going to talk about in the next session. I wanted to put this snippet in here for the readers of this review, maybe with this tidbit of information you can go in to the game with a little more foresight than I did.


This is where I will tell my experience with the game. This of course is where I spent most of my concentration on when playing (later in the graphics/sound category I’ll explain why that is). The game play is fantastic. You will use the move controllers to get around each room. You will do this by teleporting to the different areas of each room in order to solve the rooms various puzzles. You will be able to interact with a multitude of objects in each room in an effort to help you escape. If you pay close attention to detail within the room you will notice little things. Those things turn out to be clues on what you need to do to accomplish your escape. I honestly had a lot of trouble with this game as I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out exactly what I was doing. What I do think could benefit for some is the ability to use the DualShock 4.  I know its an unpopular opinion with a lot of the PSVR crowd but until the move controllers have thumb sticks, I think the DS4 serves its purpose. I personally find the movement you can do with thumb sticks in VR is more immersive than the teleportation. But that is a personal preference of mine that I don’t hold against games that use this method.


The graphics in 18 Floors is truly amazing. The look of the overall game and the attention to detail is superb. To be honest, I would have been amiss had this game not had stellar graphics. There really isn’t much going on within the game as you are trying to figure out each puzzle so the ability to pay attention to graphics and the minute details was a necessity to pull this off. That they certainly did. You will feel like you are personally transported in to a real life escape room. It’s almost as if you could use this as a training guide for the popular craze of escape rooms popping up all over the US. Or, if you were a little worried about going to a real life escape room for whatever reason, freaking out in public, looking foolish for not completing the most simplest of puzzles, or just don’t have the money nor the group to go along with you, then this game is definitely for you. It will challenge your abilities and you will get to feel like you are actually there with the graphics that are presented.

The sounds are where this game doesn’t have much going on, music wise. Instead it focuses on the sounds within the room and the items you are interacting with. Pick up a pencil and put it down and you will be able to hear that sound difference from the hammer you picked up. Slide a drawer open and it sounds as if you are in your bedroom opening up your chest of drawers. That is truly what a game like this needed to focus on, rather than overshadowing a lack of good sound effects by background music the developers went for the more realistic approach. 


Overall, from the experience I was given playing this game I would say that this game definitely stands out among the rest of the puzzle games PSVR has to offer. The rooms also offer an eeriness to them providing that nice horror feeling to the game as well. For the puzzler adventurers out there or ones that just like a game with almost complete immersion, this is a game you are not going to want to miss out on. For the price, the game offers and delivers a complete package.  

For any problems that you might have while playing the game the publisher has asked that their Facebook URL be included in the coverage. They want to make sure that they let people know that communication is clear an accessible. So if for any reason that you are playing the game and have a problem or just want to have communication with the publishers of the game please click on the link here.

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18 Floors











  • Superb Graphics
  • Realistic Sounds
  • Flawless Gameplay


  • Feel like the story could have been told someway in game
  • Could benefit from a small tutorial level
  • game feels built for hardened puzzle gamers

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