Affected: The Manor Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4. It is also available on PC. A code was provided by Fallen Planet Studios for review purposes.


Affected: The Manor is a horror walk-through experience. One that is meant for the VR platform. This game is meant to not last forever but have an emotional response out of you. This game is great for parties when you are wanting to show off the PSVR to your friends but also wanting to scare the shit out of them as well. This game get even the best and hardest of them out there. It even got me as well. My suggestion if you will here, is when you have your friend, spouse, or even enemy try this game out. While they have the helmet on and are playing, record them on your smart device. This will make for comedy gold afterwards.


There isn’t a story really to this game but I wanted to use this portion to touch on the setting really. You start out with learning how to use the controller and that it’s best if played standing up. After this brief tutorial you are put on a walk path to the entrance of a large mansion. On your way up you definitely will tell something is amiss and know you are in for a ride. You are going to be exploring or rather experiencing a haunted manor and the question is will you survive?


This is the key component to this game. There isn’t anything fancy about the control scheme or what you will need to do while playing it. The developers weren’t going for a survival horror type of game, rather a showcase of the immersion VR can offer. (If you are truly reading this then comment ON THIS ARTICLE and you will have a chance of winning your own code for this game. It is a NA code so anyone can win, just make sure if you aren’t in NA then you can make a NA account for free, contest ends 12/13/2018 at 2:00pm Central US time) This game truly delivers on what it set out to do. The controls are so very easy to use that it allows full immersion in the experience and allows you to get lost in the moment and ultimately the shit scared out of you. One cool thing is there are two ways to control your character, one is the traditional way, by using the left analog stick to move you forward, reverse, and around corners. Another way is to use the  R2 button to walk and moving your head from left to right to guide your character in the direction you want to go. This truly allows the end user to have full freedom over which control has the most immersion. 

Now don’t go in to this expecting a 2-4 hour fully fledged out game. This game isn’t very long but it wasn’t designed to be. It was fully designed to be a VR experience with a horror them meant to fully show off the VR and level of immersion. If fully succeeds on what it sets out to do.


The graphics of the game could be a tad bit more clear but I feel this is what they actually wanted. It really gives the feeling of an old musty Manor that hasn’t been “lived in” (by a living person that it) for quite some time. The detail however is really good and allows for you to really get the feeling that you are in the Manor. 

The sounds are done very well. Although I feel for complete immersion, spatial sounding would have served better. For instance, when I could hear whispers in my headset, I could hear them in both ears no matter which direction I was facing. This was really the only downside to this game as it stands for the price.


Overall this game definitely delivers the experience it set out to bring. For the price it is literally a no brainer if you are a fan of horror and VR. The game offers the gamer a chance to experience the deep immersion that only VR allows and shows them that yes it is ok to get the shit scared out of you. Plus it’s an excellent way to get to see your wife/husband/friend/neighbor crap themselves as well all the while showing what the unit can do.

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Affected: The Manor









  • Perfect use of the VR Immersion
  • Sets out to and does exactly that
  • Easy to show off this VR game to friends


  • Could use spatial sounds

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