Floor Kids Review Perfect game to play for the art and music, simply needs more tracks

This review was done on the PS4 and is also available on Nintendo switch, Xbox one and PC. A code was provided by MERJ Media for review purposes.


Floor kids is a rhythm base game, but not your typical guitar, singing or drums, it is based on break dancing. Another skill I do not poses and have to turn to gaming to get into that spot light tucked away in my head. There’s nothing like this game out there and to truly understand it you have to play it, floor kids may not be a long game but it sure does deliver a nice beat in the amount of gameplay it offers.


Floor Kids is a new rhythm type game in a way you are not stuck following a set rhythm, you are free to breakdance with any move to the beat as you want.

You start out on your own with a character that has a skill set for the breakdancing scene, as you progress through the game you earn cards to unlock other breakdancers 8 in total with different skill sets. There are 4 different types of skills each dancer has (toprock, downrock, freeze, power), some dancers are better at skills then other dancers and they can score more points when performing that skill. As your break dancing the crowd will call out moves for you to execute and if preformed you get more points. There are 2 parts to every song that you do that will be a follow along and hit the note on-screen during the beat and the better you do during this also amounts to a higher score.

You start out with 1 venue unlocked, each venue has 3 tracks to it and you can earn up to 5 crowns per track. To unlock the next venue it’s all about how much you score breakdancing to the track, the higher the score the more crowns you unlock towards your goal for the next venue. crowns also play out to unlocking the next dancer, each dancer has 4 cards to earn, you earn 1 card for every 3 star or higher performance. The last venue you must have a lot of crowns and all the dancers unlocked before you can dance at so you might have to back and at lower scoring venues and try to score more to get that extra crown. The further you progress the harder it gets to get a lot of crowns.


The graphics by JonJon might be rough as said by some but to me that’s what makes this game and you have play it see it. The comic book style art before getting in the venue is really nice. The art when your breakdancing puts you right there in the game and it flows beautifully. The venues you dance each have their own style of beauty.

The dancers all have their own personal style of art to them, the way they are created and look says a lot of what they are good at. When breakdancing the background art doesn’t have much going on with it but it blends with the crowd around you and makes it come to life. It does lack a little, I wish there was more from the crowd and or backgrounds when breakdancing.

The music your breakdancing to is out standing. DJ Kid Koala had a vision and it turned out amazing. The beats are not too repetitive during the gameplay and they are all different. It is what you would expect to hear when going down and watching crews breakdancing.


Floor kids is not a bad game to play if your playing for the music or the art. Where this game falls short at is not enough tracks to breakdance to and it is fairly short. You can beat it in a single sitting and once you get 5 crowns on all tracks there’s nothing else to work for. But none of that should stop you from playing it.

I can see this in opening up a whole new world in rhythm games, doing your own thing was a nice touch and did make it hard to put down. If you are into rhythm games then give it s shot you should enjoy it for what it has to offer even if you’re not into those games it is a change-up and does offer a challenge.

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Floor Kids









  • Art Style
  • awesome music
  • offers a challenge


  • To short
  • need more music

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