Save The Ninja Clan Review

This game was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Pro, it is also available on PC via Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A code was provided for review of this game.


Save The Ninja Clan is a platformer with 30 levels, 3 bosses and 3 playable characters, each character has a different ability and is a default to their own world of 10 levels.


This game has 3 worlds, each consisting of 10 levels and a boss level. Every standard level also has an upgrade token and a hidden secret.

The Ninjas (characters) and their abilities, all 3 can throw blades to kill enemies taking 1 hit for pistol/sword enemies and 2 for rocket launcher enemies, these blades are also used to climb up certain walls which you cannot jump on normally.

  • Green Ninja, default for world 1 (levels 1-10 & boss 1). This ninja can double jump which can be used to jump gaps you would normally fall from.
  • Blue Ninja, default for world 2 (levels 11-20 & boss 2). This ninja can run at a faster speed than normal which can be used to outrun certain traps such as lasers or even outrun rockets.
  • Grey Ninja, default for world 3 (levels 21-30 & boss 3). This ninja has a dash which provides invisibility to enemies and invincibility for a short amount of time, this can be used to skip many traps and get behind enemies without them killing you.

Above is my own game-play, completing the first 10 levels without any deaths to unlock “The Legend” trophy. This game-play should give you a good feel for what the level design for this game is like.

Each non-boss level also has a hidden secret, usually marked by what would appear to be the game having a glitch but this is intended. If you enter through the “glitch” area, you will be met by an error in the top right with the game developer talking to you, usually making funny remarks about you not meaning to be in the location and trying to kill you with more obstacles or enemies. The 3rd boss level also has a secret in it, with which if you complete the level this way you will unlock the ability to freely switch between all 3 ninjas on any world, that said when I first loaded up the game this was already working for me unintentionally and I didn’t even realize it was a glitch until the next day when I loaded up the game and was no longer able to switch freely between the ninjas. It became apparent it was 100% a glitch once I actually unlocked the ability to switch between ninjas at the end of the game.


The tokens mentioned earlier in each level are used to upgrade the blades you throw, with in my opinion the best upgrade being the ability to kill all enemies in 1 hit instead of 2 for some. Keep in mind there is a trophy for having 15 tokens at once so you might want to wait out upgrades until after unlocking this trophy.


There is not too much to say here, the sound for this game is good with some simple music playing throughout the game, however with not many tracks you will find yourself listening to the same sounds over and over again throughout your play-through of this game.


This game being a platformer does have a story, similar to lots of platformer games in the past you are rescuing someone. The story for this game is right in the game’s name, you are saving the rest of the ninjas in your clan. The end of each level has a scroll, these scrolls lead you towards the other ninjas in your clan allowing you to defeat the bosses to save them. The hidden secrets in the levels that involve the game developer playing with you and making jokes about you or what you are doing was a nice touch and made me enjoy the game in a completely different way than I expected.


Overall, I enjoyed this game. It has aspects that most platformers have with a common rescue story alongside some average music. Being a game with a platinum trophy that isn’t too difficult but also not too easy this game is ideal for trophy hunters that want a fast platinum but also want some effort involved.  The included touch of having secrets that revealed the developer joking around with you and trying to get you killed made this game all the more enjoyable for me, I already love a good platformer but this gave me a reason to play all levels multiple times even after unlocking the platinum trophy.

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Save The Ninja Clan









  • Adjustable difficulty
  • Plenty of replay-ability with secrets on every level
  • Easy to understand controls while still keeping levels somewhat difficult


  • Ran into 1 big glitch allowing me to use an end game ability from the first level
  • Not many music tracks, ends up repeating a lot

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