The VideoKid: 80’s Edition Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4. It is also available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. A code was provided by KA Games on behalf of Pixel Trip Studios for review purposes.


The VideoKid: 80’s Edition is a complete throwback to the yesteryear. With its iconic game style in the vain of Paper Boy to its full on 80’s pop culture references throughout the game. This game was made for all video game lovers and will be especially for those that grew up gaming in the 1980s.


Believe it or not the game that is mainly about the gameplay has a story. A pretty basic story, but one nonetheless. You play as “TheKid”, more importantly “The VideoKid”. You are wanting to take your girlfriend Jessica out on a date, so what must a kid do to get a date in this town? That’s right, deliver pirated VHS tapes (that’s what movies were on, for all the 3D gamers reading this) in your customer’s mailboxes in order to gain enough money for the date. Beware along the way, as you will have to avoid the many obstacles along your route and try to stay one step ahead of the cops in order for you to achieve the ultimate prize, a date with the beautiful Jessica.


This is where a game like The VideoKid can either live or die. The gameplay is really what was the driving force behind most of the games in the 80s and this one is no different despite it releasing current year. You will go through a brief tutorial that will show you all of the different button presses and what they are for. Once you get through that, that is when the game is on.

You will zig zag your way through cars, construction, pedestrians and more to make your way to the end of the level and to get a date with Jessica. Make sure that you look out while playing because the game is literally littered with 80s pop culture references. You will see references to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Inspector Gadget, Baywatch, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Charlie Brown, The Smurfs, California Raisins and much much more. For those gamer born after the 80s some, if not all of these references will just go over your head and all you will notice is obstacles. I can’t tell you how many times I died on a level due to seeing a reference to the past and trying to make sure I caught it. I think I had the most fun doing that. It was like I was living in a time machine.

The only negative experience I had with the gameplay was sometimes when I pressed right on the d-Pad. I would see an obstacle or pedestrian coming up in my path and when I would press right once, the video kid decided he would cut across all lanes of traffic and a lot of time wreck me. This became frustrating because a game that relies so heavily on the timing of button presses doing this can ruin a long run and force you to start all over. Also, its starts to make you over or under compensate for the error which leads to more failures.


You will feel as if you picked up a cartridge and slid it in to your NES when you play this game. The game has an 8 bit look and feel to it completely with the blocky style. This makes this game feel super nostalgic and definitely pays homage to the era perfectly.

The sounds really almost have that sound of the 8 bit games of the past as well. It truly is remarkable how much the developers transported my back to what felt like endless nights, trying over and over to get to the end of the level in Paper Boy. This game made me feel the same way, determined to succeed. The sounds really are what puts this whole puzzle together and makes this game complete.


The game does exactly what it set out to do and does it exceptionally well. To pay homage to such a great era of games where most of us spent hours upon hours playing the same games over and over again. To leaving the console and game going for weeks at a time simply because there were no save points. This game made all those feelings come rushing back to me and I loved it. Almost wanted to leave my PS4 running all night just to complete the trifecta of nostalgia. For anyone longing for those feelings of old to resurface or looking for a fun little game to play and challenge yourself with, The VideoKid is for you. Chalked so full of 80s pop culture that you will need to check if you went on an “Excellent Adventure”.

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The VideoKid









  • Nostalgia Overload
  • Great Mechanics
  • Sounds are perfect for the game
  • Hits the mark in almost every aspect


  • Could allow us to change button layout

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