Road Redemption Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4. It is also available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. A code was provided by One PR Studio for review purposes.


Road Redemption is an epic journey across country leading your biker gang. It is far more than a racer, it is a combat road rage adventure. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by warring biker gangs. You find yourself racing against rivals through enemy territory to claim your $15,000,000.00 bounty reward for the head of the assassin behind the death of the county’s wealthiest weapons cartel. It will be up to you to chase down the assassin and claim the prize against all odds.


This is the pull of the game. With insane ways to kill other players and rival gang members, this is by far the best aspect of the game. You will find many ways along the way to stop your opponents. From kicking their bikes to finding pick-ups along the way to help you along your way. You will have access to pipes, swords, C4, guns and more as you raise all types of hell against your rival gangs. It will be up to you to figure out which weapon is the best to deal with your enemy.

The game does a good job at letting you know when it’s best to switch weapons by letting you know that swords are useless against helmeted enemies and situations like that. So you will want to use either your pipe-wrench, gun or C4 to get rid of him quickly. Otherwise you will be trying to time out a deflection of his attacks while trying to time yours perfectly.

One of the game’s features is that when you have a game over there is a screen that pop ups saying “Having fun? Let developer Ian Fisch know (1-504-289-****). Even though the game actually shows the full number, I don’t feel right publishing it here. If you are wanting the full thing, you will definitely need to buy the game. I did actually call this myself to see if it was real or just a recorded line and sure enough I spoke directly to Ian myself. I was completely surprised by this but it was a feature that he was ok with. He did say initially it was every death this popped up and now it shows around a 50% drop rate. This was partially due to when popular YouTuber Jack Septiceye played the game and his entire audience seen the number. Ian did tell me that this wasn’t a problem and all was good with it, just due to the sheer number of calls they reduced the drop rate of this screen. I found this all to be fascinating that one would subject himself to such random calls willingly.


These are basically what you would expect aside from the graphics. Due to the price of the game, I really wasn’t expecting the graphics to be as good as they are. The terrain is basically a set path with alternate routes. I found that the different paths taken along with the actual game path itself that there wasn’t any cut corners in the graphics department. This is a definite plus for the game and one that needed to said for sure, as there are a lot of people out there under the mindset that if the game doesn’t cost over X amount of $$$$ then the game couldn’t possibly be good. This is truly a false notion that I hope our site can lend a hand in eliminating. This game along with many other titles have a lower entry price but that doesn’t mean they are short on content, graphics, or gameplay. Don’t judge a game by it’s price. Road Redemption is definitely a testament to that.


Before I begin the summary, I want you to notice the image above. This is such an important statement for the developers to make. To willingly support the content creation community in such a blanket way and even suggesting how to not be flagged due to music involved is truly a mark of a well informed development team.

The game itself is one that I could spend hours playing or even a few minutes at a time. It has that ability with it, you can get lost in the chase and challenges and spend hours before looking up. Or if you are short on time on what you can play, you can also play this game for a quick in and out and still have fun. The game features excellent gameplay mechanics, great visuals and the ultimate feeling of letting go of that road rage you might have experienced on your way home to play it. This is a game I would definitely recommend for anyone out there that enjoys combat racing and especially combat racing on a motorcycle.

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Road Redemption









  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Graphics are great
  • Mechanics are solid

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